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"Gigadrone detected sector Tango 5-4."
―Commander Shaw alerting the Rangers[src]

Trapperdrone is a Gigadrone Beta Model created from the data of Trappertron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Trapperdrone was created by Scrozzle and sent to Earth in order to steal Morph-X from a Tower. The city's Gigadrone detectors alerted Grid Battleforce of Trapperdrone's approach. The Rangers deployed the Beast-X Ultrazord to intercept it. Trapperdrone fired its blasters at the Ultrazord, but to no avail. Devon summoned his Cheetah Beast Blaster and destroyed the Gigadrone with the Beast-X Ultra Strike.


  • Arm Blasters: Trapperdrone is equipped with twin blasters mounted on its wrists to fire light blue energy blasts.

Behind the Scenes


Like all of the other Gigadrones post "The Cybergate Opens", Trapperdrone is voiceless.


  • Trapperdrone is the first (individual) Gigadrone to face the Beast-X Ultrazord.
    • The only time that the Ultrazord had appeared prior to this was in "Evox Upgraded" when it faced an army of generic Gigadrones, not based upon any Robotron.
  • Trapperdrone has the shortest life span of any other Gigadrone.
    • In the original Go-Busters episode, Trapperdrone was able to project a massive brown sphere (representing Hyper Space, the counterpart to the Cyber Dimension) around itself and the Morph-X Tower and anything that penetrated it (such as the Beast-X Ultrazord's counterpart Great Go-Buster) would be crushed to the point of being completely helpless. The only way that they actually beat it was by using a program invented by Masato Jin (Nate's counterpart) to disrupt the dome for 1 minute so that they could finish it off. This part was presumably removed because of time constraints. The dome would be readapted in future episodes as a Morph X draining method, which was implemented with Gamerdrone.
      • However, some remnants of this removed action scene are still visible in the Beast Morphers episode. After the Ultrazord is deployed, Trapperdrone can be seen aiming its arm blasters into the air for no apparent reason whereas this was how it created the Hyper Space dome in Go-Busters.
  • Trapperdrone is one of the weakest Gigadrones in the show since the only power that it demonstrated were its blasters and was immediately destroyed whilst putting up little of a fight.
    • The only Gigadrone that rivals it in this respect is the equally short-lived Unidentified Gigadrone 1. However, even that Gigadrone managed to put up more of a fight than Trapperdrone managed to. The reason for this is due to all the aforementioned fighting that was cut out from the Go-Busters footage.
      • This seems to be acknowledged in the episode itself, as Devon quips, "This won't take long", right before destroying Trapperdrone.
  • Trapperdrone was first seen in the TV Commercial for the Beast-X Ultrazord.

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