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―Transport Nezilar's first words[src]

"Megaranger! I cannot allow you go to Hinelar city. You can watch quietly as the people disappear."
―Transport Nezilar's first words to Mega Black and Mega Yellow[src]

Transport Nezilar (テンソウネジラー Tensō Nejirā, 47)

Character History

A robotic Psycho-Nezilar whose mission is to transport Earthlings in his vacuum-like laser to Hinelar City. On his first rampage, He captured a group of humans including three of the Megarangers (excluding MegaBlack and MegaYellow, who were taking college courses) who try to transform, only to find out they can't. Soon, Kouichiro and Chisato arm themselves with equipment and Battle Lasers supplied by INET. They charges in to be captured by the Nezire Beast. Later, just as Chisato and Kouichiro set up Plastic Explosives to destroy the Shield Emitter protecting Hinelar City, Transport Nezilar tracks down Kouichiro and Chisato and attacks them. Fortunately, the charges detonated, destroying the Emitter and giving the Megarangers to ability to transform. After the Megarangers transform, Transport Nezilar was taken down by Mega Yellow's Laser Chop and Mega Black's Laser Punch Combo. Bibidebi then makes Transport Nezilar grow, only for him to be killed by the Mega Voyager's Voyager Spartan.


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Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes


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