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Transmission Impossible is the fifth episode of Power Rangers Turbo.


Visceron, a friend of Dimitria's, travels to Earth from Inquiris to tell her that she has a sibling. However, he is abducted by Divatox and turned against the Power Rangers.


The episode begins and shows how space ship is flying to the Earth. Then KAGV Studio is shown and Tanya is working as hostess of the musical TV Show now. Then Katherine came and greeted her good friend and praysed Tanya with her new job. But suddenly they heard a voice via walkie-talkie and someone asked them to allow him to talk to Dimitria. Meanwhile at the submarine of Divatox Porto told Elgar and Rygog that he caught a signal from space and it comes from the space ship. Elgar laughed on Porto's application. Divatox asked her henchman what did signal say. Elgar thought it was just a game, but Porto told Divatox that uknown individual wanted to talk to Dimitria. Divatox became interested in the signal and ordered Porto to find the source of signal and ordered Rygog to prepare the ray of destruction. Elgar asked his aunt and mistress whatdid he can do for her, but she refused from his offer and told Elgar to play. Porto told Divatox that signal used the frequency of KAGV Studio, so Divatox ordered Elgar to bring the detonator on the studio and destroy it. Elgar was glad and Divatox said that she didn't want rangers hear the message. While Tanya and Katherine decided to go to the Command Center and tell Dimitria about the signal. But Tanya couldn't leave Studio during the show now, so Katherine decided to teleport a alonend Tanya told her friend to report if she finds something. Meanwhile in Angel Grove Youth Center Bulk & Skull transformed into apes listened Tanya's show via the radio and Bulk had an idea. Elgar arrived at the studio and placed detonator on the TV tower, and he was proud of his job. In the Command Center Adam, Katherine and Alpha discovered who sent a signal. It is Visceron an old friend of Dimitria. Visceron told Dimitria that he possessed an important news, but he couldn't tell it now, because their talk could be heard. Alpa thought Visceron had a bad news. Divatox and Elgar heard their talk and Divatox ordered Rygog to capture Visceron and bring him to her.



  • This is a rare occasion that a monster destroys itself by accident.
  • Visceron's big news that Dimitria has a long-lost twin sister was originally intended to be a running sub-plot for Turbo, with the result being Divatox was the missing sibling, but it was quickly dropped. The only real hint at any resolution is in Space's "Countdown to Destruction" where Divatox, after being purified by Zordon's energy wave, is seen wearing Dimitria-style attire.

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