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"Good citizens of Angel Grove. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the great Translucitor!"
―Translucitor's first words when appearing at the Youth Center.[src]

Translucitor was a shaman-themed orangutan monster who was used by Divatox in order to make Angel Grove invisible.


Translucitor was sent by Divatox to make Angel Grove invisible and thus eliminate the threat of the Turbo Rangers. The Translucitor was first seen attacking a group of people at the Youth Center where he turned everyone invisible. Soon after, the viewers saw him ruining things on the Power Chamber's viewing screen. He returned to the Youth Center and kidnapped everyone inside, including Bulk and Skull, and only left Ashley and Cassie. He also made the Power Chamber invisible and kidnaps Alpha 6 and Dimitria.

Later on, he accompanied Divatox and her entourage on an attack on invisible Angel Grove and he was assigned to deal with the Rangers when they showed up. He vanished and the Rangers summoned their Legendary Vehicles to go after him. Unfortunately for them, his illusion was constantly appearing and disappearing which soon caused the vehicles to crash into each other. The Turbo Rangers were flung out so he summoned a cage that trapped the male Rangers and used a sheet to depart with them. When the girls followed him into the woods, he laughed manically at them but was taken down by the Phantom Ranger at which point he ran away.

He went to the other Rangers (who were tied to a rocket) and ignited the chord to try and kill them but the girls saved the trio. Translucitor made himself vanish in order to capture them but the Turbo Navigator suddenly started working in spite of it being impossible to find him before. They pounded him before he decided that now was a good time to run so he vanishes once again. and he fled. He attempted to hide in a far away field but a seeking laser from Ashley's Turbo Navigator; Defender Mode. He went invisible but was hit every time. T.J. then combined the Turbo Navigator and his Auto Blaster into the Auto Blast Defender to knock him out. This returned things to normal but Divatox fired the torpedoes to make him grow.

The Rangers formed the Turbo Megazord but were quickly overwhelmed since the monster turned invisible and began blasting them. The Blue Senturion arrived in his Robo Racer but was still no match for the invisible monster until Cassie brought out her Turbo Navigator. Using it, the Turbo Megazord was able to find and punch Translucitor every time that he vanished. With the monster temporarily exposed, the Robo Racer was able to take aim and destroy his staff with its Synergizer; Blaster Mode. The monster was dismayed but the sky went dark and he turned to see the Turbo Megazord rushing at him. He tried to react but was too slow and the Turbo Megazord Spinout made him disappear for good. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Vanishing Act

Translucitor later appears in the United Alliance of Evil invasion, in Divatox's army although it is unclear how he returned alive. He was destroyed by Zordon's Energy Wave. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Countdown to Destruction


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Powers and abilities


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  • Staff: Translucitor has a staff in combat.
    • Invisible Dimension: Translucitor can make people, objects and himself disappear and placing them in an alternate dimension of invisibility using his staff. The invisible people could see everything and everyone in the normal dimension, but they were invisible, inaudible, and intangible to the people in the normal dimension.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Translucitor's name comes from the word translucent.


  • Translucitor is the only monster to fight the Phantom Ranger (not counting the entirety of Divatox's army in the invasion of the universe) despite the fact that this only consisted of him being thrown to the ground and running away.
    • Clockster technically fought the Phantom but that only consisted of having the Time Key stolen.


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