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all of the Gaburivolver on the table was created by Doctor Ulshade.

The Gaburivolver in the original version.

"Gaburincho: (Zyudenchi)!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Vamola: (Zyudenchi onomatopoeia)!"
―Finisher announcement with one Zyudenchi set[src]

"Vamola Mucho: (Zyudenchi onomatopoeia 1), (Zyudenchi onomatopoeia 2)!"
―Finisher announcement with two Zyudenchi set[src]

"Metcha Mucho!"
―Activation announcement for Armed On mode[src]

The Transformation Gun Gaburivolver (変身銃ガブリボルバー Henshin Jū Gaburiborubā) is the Kyoryugers' transformation device and main gun weapon, which was created by Doctor Ulshade/Kyoryu Violet for the future Kyoryugers.



By shouting "Brave In!" (ブレイブイン! Bureibu In!), their totem Zyudenchi is inserted into the "mouthpiece" of the gun, the Kyoryugers transform by shouting "Kyoryu Change!" (恐竜チェンジ Kyōryū Chenji), then spin the cylinder, dance a bit, then announce "Fire!" (ファイヤ! Faiya!) and shoots into the air, forming a Brave construct of their totem Zyudenryu's head, which flies around their Kyoryuger, then stops behind them and "chomps" once, forming the suit, with a second one to form the helmet. To cancel the transformation, a Kyoryuger needs to eject their used Zyudenchi.

Other Uses

When the cylinder is spun again after transforming, the Gaburivolver will announce "Vamola" (バモラー Bamorā), allowing a Kyoryuger to fire the Zyuden Brave Finish (獣電ブレイブフィニッシュ Jūden Bureibu Finisshu) attack. If a second Zyudenchi is inserted into the Gaburivolver, it will announce "Vamola Mucho" (バモラームーチョ Bamorā Mūcho) to fire a stronger version of the Zyuden Brave Finish.

When the Gaburivolver announces "Metcha Mucho" (メッチャムーチョ Meccha Mūcho) after a second Zyudenchi is inserted after pulling on the Gaburivolver's hammer to make the "mouth" open and close, the Kyoryugers can enter their Armed Mode (アーマドモード Āmudo Mōdo) by spinning the Gaburivolver's cylinder along their right arms with the announcement "Armed On!" (アーマドオン Āmudo On), where they are given silver spiked armor on that arm, as well as their personal weapons.

The Gaburevolvers can also be inserted into Kamitsuki Gattai Kyoryuzin and serves as a joystick to control the mecha.

In ToQger vs. Kyoryuger, Kyoryu Black, Blue, and Pink use the Police, Car Carrier, and Fire ToQ Ressha loaned to them by ToQ 3gou, ToQ 2gou, and ToQ 5gou respectively in lieu of Zyudenchi in their Gaburivolvers to effectively fight the forces of the Shadow Line.

Giga Gaburivolver

Transformation Gun Giga Gaburivolver

Main article: Transformation Gun Giga Gaburivolver

The Giga Gaburivolver (ギガガブリボルバー Giga Gaburiborubā) is a red and blue version of the Gaburivolvers possessed by Torin, invented by Yayoi to enhance the Kyoryugers' Gaburivolvers to access the Spirit Base once it is reintegrated into Bragigas. When Bragigas' Zyudenchi is inserted into the Giga Gaburivolver, Torin transforms into Kyoryu Silver. The Giga Gaburivolver was later taken by Dantetsu Kiryu after he killed Torin, using it to become the second Kyoryu Silver.

In 2114, however, when the Kyoryu Silver powers are used by Ian's descendant, Icchan, the Giga Gaburivolver is not used, instead Icchan uses a standard Gaburivolver to transform into Kyoryu Silver with his team. Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: 100 YEARS AFTER


The Gaburivolver were created by the first Kyoryu Violet Doctor Ulshade and are used by the five modern day Kyoryugers, as well as Doctor Ulshade, who then gave his Gaburivolver to his granddaughter Yayoi Ulshade when she became the second Kyoryu Violet after his retirement.

Spirit Rangers

The older Kyoryugers, Ramirez (Kyoryu Cyan) from 500 years ago and Tessai (Kyoryu Gray) from 1500 years ago, who are now Spirit Rangers, can transform by holding up their partner Zyudenryu's Zyudenchi and saying "Spirit Ranger, Fire!" (スピリットレンジャー、ファイヤー! Supiritto Renjā, Faiyā!).

When Ramirez and Tessai pass their powers down to living successors Yuko Fukui and Shinya Tsukouchi respectively, they transform into Kyoryu Cyan and Kyoryu Gray with Gaburivolvers as with the other Kyoryugers.


Main article: Gabrichanger

Utsusemimaru (Kyoryu Gold), a samurai from the Warring States period and Sixth Hero of the Kyoryugers, transforms using a different device called the Gabrichanger.


Ferocious Knight D (Deathryuger) presumably transforms in a similar fashion to the Spirit Rangers by using the Deathryuger Zyudenchi. Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Gaburincho of Music

When Deathryuger's Kyoryu Navy power is used by Daigo's descendant Dai-kun in 2114, he uses a Gaburivolver to transform as with the other Kyoryugers. Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger: 100 YEARS AFTER


  • "Vamola" is a contraction (used colloquially in Brazil) of "Vamos la", that means "Let's Go" in Portuguese, while "Mucho" means "Very" or "A lot" in Spanish.
  • "Metcha" (めっちゃ) is Japanese slang for "Very"
  • This is the first gun changer used by the core team, not counting the Akibarangers.
  • The transformation standby music is played when Zyudenchi #14-23 is inserted into the toy version.
  • The Gaburivolver, along with the Gaburichanger, are the few changers that don't also double as a communication device.


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