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"Ryusoul Change!"
―Transformation call[src]

The Transformation Brace Ryusoul Changer (リュウソウチェンジャー Ryūsou Chenjā) is the transformation brace device of the Ryusoulgers.[1]


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KSR-Ryusoul Changer

Ryusoul Changer w/ Red RyuSoul

"Que bom!"
―Ryusoul insertion announcement[src]

"Wassei Wassei! Sou! Sou! Sou! Wassei Wassei! Sore sore sore sore!"
―Standby announcement[src]

"Ryu So Cool! (Cheery Samba Jingle) Bwahahahahaha!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

To transform, a Ryusoulger inserts a RyuSoul into the back of the dinosaur’s head. During the standby music, the Ryusoulger flips the metal mouth part almost 360 degrees counter-clockwise so that it becomes the changer's helmet.

During standby, the user is surrounded by multiple manifestations of their RyuSoul in knight mode, which jumps on the body to form the suit. Also during standby, a manifestation of the user's respective Kishiryu partner is seen behind them.


Ryusouls in Knight mode doing their dance with Kishiryu.


Standby with just Koh, Melto, and Asuna.


Standby with only Towa and Bamba.


Standby with all 6


To summon a Kishiryu, a Ryusoulger presses the red button underneath the dinosaur head and calls out to the Kishiryu needing to be summoned.


  • The Ryusoul Changer is somewhat similarly shaped to the Kyoryuger team symbol.
  • It is similar to that of the Abaranger's Dino Brace.
  • The toyline version doesn't feature any LED lights.
  • The summon music, when any of them summons their mech, the beginning music sounds similar to when Yamato Tribe Knight Burai summons his mech.
  • When the Ryusoulgers flips the metal mouth it looks strikingly similar to Gosei Dragon.



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