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"Don't worry. I won't fail."
"You think a few spikes is going to stop me?"
―Tranceferer's final words before his death[src]

Tranceferer is a squid/clown monster that Prince Vekar sends to fight the Mega Rangers. He has the ability to switch the souls of the people inside him.

Character History

Tranceferer was sent by Prince Vekar to switch a human with a Bruiser, only to fail when Emma and Jake encountered him. Tranceferer swapped Noah and Jake's bodies and returned to the Armada Mothership to swap the bodies of Earth's leaders. After the death of Turtlelini, a commander who was sent to Earth to keep the rangers busy, Tranceferer was sent back to fight the rangers, only to be killed by a Final Strike. After being enlarged, Tranceferer was finally destroyed once and for all by the newly formed Legandary Ninja Megazord.


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Powers and Abilities

  • Body Swap: He can switch people's bodies to other bodies.



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Behind the Scenes

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