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Trakeena's Revenge are the twenty-ninth & thirtieth episodes of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, serving as a crossover with Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.


Part 1

Leo follows Triskull and the Ghouls from Mirinoi through a wormhole between planets to Mariner Bay on Earth. Seems Triskull is working for Olympius, collecting humans to drain them of their lifeforce. But little does the demon prince know, that Triskull is ALSO working for Trakeena, who plans to use the lifeforce to return herself to her mutated form. Leo runs into the Lightspeed Rangers, and soon, his teammates Kai & Maya follow, all teaming up. A young girl, Heather, alerts Carter to her mother's kidnapping, which leads the teams to Triskull's human-snatching cover at a bank.

Part 2

Trakeena almost has enough life energy to mutate once more! With Heather's help, the two teams of Rangers are able to evacuate the bank building of all civilians. But do even the Lightspeed Rescue and Lost Galaxy Rangers together stand a chance of defeating triple the force of villains, with Triskull, his Ghouls, Olympius, Vypra, Loki, Jinxer, the Batlings, and Trakeena herself?


Part 1

On the planet of Mirinoi, Leo Corbett pulls the Red Quasar Saber out of the altar and morphs into the Red Ranger. He is assaulted by an army of Ghouls, led by the mysterious Triskull. The Ghouls wear him down and then flee into space along with their leader, traveling through the portal connecting Mirinoi and Earth. In the city of Mariner Bay, the Lightspeed Rangers start their day off right by rescuing people from a burning building. Joel Rawlings puts the blaze out with some water bombs from his Rescuezord before then dropping posters of himself onto the spectators. Elsewhere on the 13th floor of an office building, a woman visiting her husband at work is abducted by Ghouls. Her daughter, Heather, manages to escape. Triskull has the woman miniaturized and placed into a tube along with other victims. Their life forces are being drained by a machine. Olympius confirms the plan with his new partner Triskull, the humans' energy will be used to restore Queen Bansheera to full power. Upon Olympius' exit, a scarred Trakeena steps out of the shadows. She will be using the energy for herself to revert her once again to her green insect form and destroy the Galaxy Rangers' home world.

Triskull takes the form of a security guard to track down Heather, who was a witness to her mother's capture. She narrowly escapes being captured herself by whacking Triskull and the Ghouls with her ball. She exits the building and is found by Carter Grayson and tells him everything. After Triskull returns her ball, Carter decides to follow him and investigate the girl's allegations. As the Lightspeed Rangers drive down the road, they stop when they find an injured Leo stumbling across. He tells them that Earth is in danger and he has come from Mirinoi to help. The Ghouls have tracked Leo down. The Rangers morph and fight them to protect Leo.

Leo ends up protecting them by destroying the Ghouls with his Quasar Saber unmorphed. Carter and Heather follow Triskull into an alley where they are ambushed by Ghouls. Carter is beaten and held down while the Ghouls prepare to kill Heather. At the last moment, Kai Chen and Maya arrive and they help Carter defeat the Ghouls. They all take Heather back to the Aquabase. Everyone meets at the Aquabase, and Leo briefs everyone on the situation. As they leave to find Triskull, Heather insists on tagging along. All eight Rangers head for the hills, and find Triskull. He summons an army of Ghouls from the ground and the Rangers attack. Carter powers up his Battle Booster and charges Triskull but he is easily overpowered. Triskull strikes back and blasts the Rangers off their feet, forcing them to unmorph, and then retreats.

Part 2

Triskull reports to Trakeena that they have nearly gathered enough life energy from the captured humans to allow her to transform into her insectoid form and Trakeena looks forward to regaining her full powers. What they don't realize is that Olympius is watching everything from a spybat he planted on the thirteenth floor. He is wise to Triskull's alliance with Trakeena, and their plan. Queen Bansheera warns her son that if Trakeena is allowed to transform then she will have enough power to destroy him. Olympius is aware and tells Vypra and Loki he intends to personally destroy Trakeena and the Rangers in one go, producing a poisoned dagger. The Rangers prepare a raid on the thirteenth floor disguised as firemen. First, they have Heather pull the fire alarm and evacuate the building posed as firefighters. Leo and Carter head for the entrance but Triskull stands in their way. Carter takes him out with a power punch. Once in Trakeena's lab, they are joined by the two final Galaxy Rangers, Kendrix Morgan and Damon Henderson. Trakeena shows up and blasts them all out of the high rise building. They are caught by a Rescue Rover airbag, Olympius arrives with his crew, and he dares to take on the team of Rangers. Everyone morphs and the fight begins. They fight the Batlings, Loki and Vypra while partnered with their respective Ranger counterparts. Trakeena straps herself in and prepares to use the stolen life force to mutate.

After a short battle, Olympius tosses the poisoned dagger into Trakeena's lab. It contaminates the power feed going to Trakeena. She mutates, but not how she had hoped. She is now a giant, tentacled, fire breathing monstrosity which is laying waste to Mariner Bay. The Lightspeed Rangers calls on the Omega Megazord and Max Solarzord. Just as the Galaxy Rangers wish the Galactabeasts were on Earth, they appear.

The Galaxy Rangers join the battle with the Galaxy Megazord. The Omega and Galaxy Megazords combine special attacks and fire at Trakeena but she still lives. The resulting explosion disengages the Galaxy Megazord and knocks the Galaxy Rangers unconscious. The Omega Megazord lifts the fallen Rangers, and it is powered up by the Lights of Orion, gaining the familiar Orion armor. The Omega Megazord powers its weapon up as well as the Galaxy Megazord Saber (complete with Lightspeed insignia) and ultimately destroys Trakeena for good. Heather is reunited with her parents. Carter thanks her by giving her an official Junior Ranger badge. Joel takes the chance to hit on Kendrix Morgan and Maya while Damon flirts with Dana and Kelsey. The Lightspeed Rangers convince the Galaxy Rangers to stay on Earth as they believe Mariner Bay needs a second team of Rangers but the Galaxy Rangers are still needed on Mirinoi. The two Rangers bid farewell to each other later.



  • It's common practice for most buildings to not have a 13th floor.
  • The receptionist told Heather there was "...no such thing as monsters" despite the fact that Mariner Bay alone had been suffering repeated monster attacks throughout the last few months.
  • When Carter finally meets the Ghouls he is shown to be wearing his Lightspeed jacket despite not having it earlier when he met Heather.
  • The flashback to Trakeena's original destruction had different dialogue than was used in the actual episode.
  • Despite omitting Mike Corbett's Magna Defender powers and the Torozord, several traces of Torozord are still shown:
    • Trakeena's tentacle, which was cut by the Galaxy Megazord saber is stopped by Torozord's lance.
    • Torozord is briefly shown in an explosion with the Galaxy Megazord and the Omega Megazord.
  • The door to Trakeena's lair was unpainted on the hallway side when kicked in but would be black on all other occasions. 
  • Carter, Leo, Damon, and Kendrix were seemingly thrown through a solid wall however exterior shots of the building showed it to be completely covered with glass.
  • The exterior shot of the Rangers being thrown out of the building showed them to be seemingly much higher than the thirteenth floor.
  • Jinxer was missing from the battle until they switch to Sentai footage.
  • Kelsey somehow knew who Leo was and what Ranger color he is even though Leo has not been to Earth since Quasar Quest.
  • Part 2 of this episode is the second occurrence in the franchise where when a Ranger from the current acknowledges another Ranger from the previous one as the Ranger of their coloration. Kelsey comments, "You're Leo....the Red Ranger", almost as if she's forgotten that the Lightspeed Rescue team has Carter as their Red Ranger. The first instance of this is when Leo had met Andros, during the episode To the Tenth Power.
  • In Part 2, the opening theme is slightly out of sync with the audio.
  • Before Heather pulls the fire alarm, it appears to be slightly pulled already. Also the alarm sounds almost instantly, however systems these days take a few seconds to sound.
  • When everyone evacuates the building, if the viewers look very carefully, crew members can be seen reflecting off the glass doors.
  • It’s unknown why some of the people in the building weren’t evacuating until Kelsey and Joel tell them to.


  • The episode utilizes footage from Kyukyu Sentai GoGoFive vs. Gingaman.
  • Rhett Fisher, Ron Roggé, and Monica Louwerens do not appear despite receiving credit.
  • The episodes were made available on home video VHS Power Rangers In 3D before being broadcast on Fox Kids, and was later released as one of the selected episodes on the The Best of the Power Rangers: The Ultimate Rangers DVD.
  • Due to this episode's air date and its actual chronological placement in the timeline, several elements such as the Omega Megazord, Max Solarzord, the V-Lancers, the Battle Booster, Olympius, and Queen Bansheera's partial body form are revealed to the audience early. However this also creates a couple of inconsistencies:
    • Olympius' voice is far more sedate in this episode than others, often speaking calmly even when angered.
    • Diabolico is not seen or mentioned despite having been resurrected by this point in the series.
    • Vypra and Loki are shown to be completely loyal to Olympius despite plotting to overthrow him in the surrounding episodes.
  • A deleted scene in between the end of Part 1 and the beginning of Part 2 Triskull is shown taking leave after defeating the Lightspeed Rangers and Galaxy Rangers and states "That was too easy". It is only shown in the VHS Version.
    • Conversely, a close-up of Heather yelling "No" at the end of Part 1 is cut in the movie version. The audio is placed over the shot of her running to the unmorphed Rangers.

      The one-time Lost Galaxy morph from Trakeena's Revenge

  • When the Lost Galaxy Rangers morph, the transformation sequence from Seijuu Sentai Gingaman is used (i.e. the turning of the dials to their respective colors) instead of the original morphing sequence created for Lost Galaxy. This causes an error as the fingers for the Green Ranger clearly are not the same skin tone as Damon Henderson. It's not known why the Lost Galaxy morph wasn't used.
  • The episode is often criticized for having a lessor focus on the Galaxy Rangers but rather Carter's relationship with Heather. Amy Miller was initially going to reprise her role as Trakeena but was dissatisfied over her lessor screen-time. Danny Slavin had also recently left due to a pay dispute. As a result, both actors were replaced, with Jennifer Burns portraying Trakeena, and some of Slavin's scenes to which he became unavailable to film for being replaced by stand-ins and ADR.
    • There was a rumor at some point that Russell Lawrence was the performer for Leo's ADR, but since then has been proven false.
  • The receptionist in the episode has been widely ridiculed by fans for her statement to Heather over the fact that monsters do not exist. Even if each season was self-contained, other monsters in the season should have alerted her of their existence.
  • At one point, Triskull is seen wielding a wand similar to Master Vile's wand.

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