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"Oh yeah!!"
―After being grown by The Scroll of Enpowerment.[src]
"Wait! Come back! I'm just getting gassed up!"
―Toxipod before battling the Wind Rangers[src]

Toxipod is a snail-themed monster and is one of the main villains of the four-part episode "Return of Thunder".

Character History

Toxipod was sent by Choobo to heat things up between the Wind and Thunder Rangers. he had the upper hand at first, but the Wind Rangers use the Storm Striker to annihilate him, but he grows to confront the Storm Megazord, but is again destroyed by the Serpent Sword. when the Storm Megazord and the Thunder Megazord were about to do battle, Choobo used his lighting bolt on the remains of Toxipod to fully destroy him and used his magical powers to send all five Rangers to an island hidden in the Pacific Ocean, were Choobo upgrades him into Super Toxipod.Return of Thunder

Toxipod (alongside Super Toxipod) was later seen in the alternate dimension. Toxipod was seen flying a kite in the park.The Wild Wipeout.

Toxipod was among the monsters freed from the Abyss of Evil.Storm Before the Calm


Toxipod is very calm and goofy, but if told by Choobo, he will take his job seriously.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shell Shocked: Toxipod can go inside of his shell and rush at his enemies.
  • Teleportation Magic: If destroyed, Toxipod can released clear yellow magic from his shell that can send anyone to an island hidden in the Pacific Ocean.
  • Fog Transformation: Toxipod can turn himself into white stinky fog for a faster travel.
    • Multi Attack: Also while in his fog mode he can attack his enemys in multiple directions.
  • Mega Morning Breath: Toxipod can spew out white stinky fog from his mouth.

Behind the scenes


  • Toxipod is voiced by John Leigh.


  • When he grows giant, he says "Your about to get Shell Shocked!", a referents to the lines used in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise.
  • Toxipod is the only monster in Lothors army to have an upgraded.

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