Toxica is Jindrax's partner, best friend, and possible love interest.

She is a Duke Org, the "Duchess of Orgs" and the "Mistress of Magic". She can resurrect fallen Orgs and cause them to grow by reciting the spell "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give this fallen Org new life" and firing some magic beans from her staff, which grow into vines that entangle the fallen Org.

She and Jindrax hid themselves for centuries after Master Org's defeat, and were the first to rejoin him in the Nexus when he re-emerged. Toxica grew suspicious of Master Org, when she saw him adjust his horn, something no real Org should be able to do.

After General Nayzor was destroyed, Toxica temporarily used his crown to become the General Org Necronomica. She and Jindrax later received newer forms from Master Org when they exposed him, and were brainwashed, becoming the submissive slaves Super Jindrax and Super Toxica. However, they were later freed, and unleashed the General Org Mandilok to aid them against Master Org.

Duke Org Onikage tricked her into cutting off her horn, telling her that it would grow back and make her immune to the sacred water's affects on Orgs (a lie). She was given a ninja outfit that exposed those sexy thighs and midriff of hers. After this, she was near-death. When the rangers tried to destroy Mandilok with the Jungle Blaster, he grabbed Toxica from the ground and used her as a shield. The blast hit her back, causing her to scream out in pain. Dying, Toxica started glowing yellow. She looked sadly at Mandilok as he pushed her away, and Toxica disintegrated into tiny specks of yellow light which floated away, signifiying that she was dead.

Jindrax then re-energized Toxica's severed horn by tricking the Rangers into firing the Jungle Blaster at it (backstabbing the Locomotive Org in the process), and used it to resurrect her from the Netherworld she was trapped in. She aided the Rangers by rescuing Princess Shayla, and then left with Jindrax to travel the world. When Princess Shayla kissed Jindrax on the cheek after they rescued her Toxica let out a gasp and had a jealous look on her face, showing that she may have romantic feelings for Jindrax.

Toxica was played by Sin Wong, who also voiced Necronomica.

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