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"Evil spirits of toil and strife, give this fallen Org new life!"
―Toxica when growing Orgs.[src]
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Toxica is a former major antagonist in Power Rangers Wild Force. She was Jindrax's best friend, partner and possible love interest as well as the archenemy of White Ranger Alyssa Enrilé.


She is a Duchess Org, the "Duchess of Orgs" and the "Mistress of Magic". She can resurrect fallen Orgs and cause them to grow by reciting the spell "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give this fallen Org new life!" and firing some magic beans from her wand, which grow into vines that entangle and reform the fallen Org.

She and Jindrax hid themselves for centuries after Master Org's defeat (both disguised as humans and posing as Animal Control employees), and were the first to rejoin him in the Nexus when he re-emerged. However, Toxica grew suspicious of Master Org, when she saw him adjust his horn, something no real Org should be able to do.

She developed something of a rivalry to the White Ranger for calling her "Grandma", as reference to her age sparked a great deal of rage from her and Toxica usually countered by calling Alyssa "A little girl".

After General Nayzor is destroyed, Toxica temporarily uses his crown to become the General Org Necronomica only to be defeated by Merrick and forced back to her true form. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Power Play

Toxica and Jindrax later receive newer forms from Master Org when they exposed him as a human, and are brainwashed, becoming the submissive slaves Super Jindrax and Super Toxica. However, the two Duke Orgs are later freed during a battle with Cole. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Wings of Animaria

Disgusted with Master Org, Toxica and Jindrax unleash the General Org Mandilok to aid them against the seemingly false Master Org, watching as Mandilok apparently killed the impostor, after he was depowered by the Rangers. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Master's Last Stand

Toxica has also shown how much Jindrax means to her in when he eats beans from her magical staff, in an attempt to help his brother Juggelo to defeat the Power Rangers. Toxica through initially angry with him for taking her magical staff, she worriedly tries to stop him, saying he would stay big forever if he grew. Jindrax, however, ate the magical beans anyway, immediately after which, Toxica protested, fearing she was going to lose her best friend. Following the fight, however (which resulted in Juggelo's death and Jindrax returning to his normal size), Toxica took Juggelo's place in Team Carnival after his destruction by the Power Rangers, as well as reassuring Jindrax that they were and always will be a team. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Team Carnival

After being scolded by Mandilok for failing to destroy the Rangers, Toxica joins in a mission to infiltrate the Animarium with Jindrax and Duke Org Onikage, Toxica touched the sacred water, causing her immense pain. This ended up revealing their presence on the Animarium, and worsening the already fragile trust between her and Mandilok. Onikage tricked her into cutting off her horn, telling her that it would grow back and that without it, she would be immune to the painful effects of the sacred water. While she was saved from the effects of the water and she managed to kidnap Princess Shayla from the Animarium after a fight between the two, Mandilok revealed that her horn would not grow back, and the loss of it was weakening her to the point of near-death. When the Rangers tried to destroy Mandilok with the Jungle Blaster, he grabbed Toxica from the ground and used her as a shield. The blast hit her back, causing her to scream out in pain as she quickly died, leaving only her broken horn and staff behind which are quickly grabbed by Jindrax who is incredibly devastated by her death as she is the only friend he has ever had.

Toxica doesn't stay gone too long however. Using a magic mirror, Jindrax later receives a message from his partner from the Spirit World, where defeated Orgs rest, saying that the power that sent her there could bring her back as well. After realizing that the Power Rangers' Jungle Blaster is the power that originally ended her life, Jindrax forcibly helps the Rangers destroy the new Locomotive Org, coaxing the Rangers into using their Jungle Blaster again. This allows Jindrax to quickly intercept the blast with Toxica's horn, which powered it up enough for Jindrax to fish Toxica out of the Spirit World. Jindrax is incredibly happy at the resurrection of his best friend and the two have an emotional reunion and later Toxica tells Jindrax that during her time in the spirit world she thinks that it was time for them to change and start looking for themselves. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Fishing for a Friend

When Toxica learned Princess Shayla was still being held captive, she knew that Master Org was planning to power himself up, and decided she and Jindrax would need to help the Rangers rescue her, for if Master Org succeeded, he would eventually catch up with them. Revealing themselves, Jindrax and Toxica convince the skeptic Rangers to let them help rescue Princess Shayla. While the Rangers keep the resurrected General Orgs busy, Toxica and Jindrax snuck into the Nexus and managed to free Shayla (though Toxica becomes a little jealous when the Princess thanks Jindrax with a kiss on his cheek). Afterwards, with no more loyalty to the Org's philosophy, Toxica and Jindrax leave to travel the world and find themselves. They have not been heard of since Tvicon.png TV STORY-Reaching the Nexus


Toxica started out as a Duchess Org loyal to Master Org, alongside her best friend Jindrax, while also maintining an arrogant and vain personality, displayed when Alyssa called her "Grandma", sparking a rivalry between the two. However, the only Org who she seems to truly care about is her partner/ best friend Jindrax, as seen in Team Carnival when, whilst she was angry at first with Jindrax for taking her magic staff without permission, she soon grew worried when he told her about his intentions of eating the magic beans to help his brother to defeat the Rangers, and attempted to stop him by telling him that the beans were dangerous, and that should he grow, it may become permanent, and later when he returned to his normal size, Toxica comforted him, reassuring him that he wasn't worthless and that they will always be a team.

When she saw Master Org adjusting his horn, she begins to question her loyalty towards him, though in the end, when she attempted to expose Master Org as the human Viktor Adler, he turned her into a demonized version of herself, loyal and cold-hearted. When Mandilok took command of the Nexus, she tried her best to please Mandilok in anyway possible, even through cutting off her horn and entering the sacred water, though in the end, Mandilok still did not respect her, even using her as a human shield against the Jungle Blaster, killing her.

Upon being resurrected, Toxica and Jindrax finally redeem themselves by rescuing Shayla from the Org Nexus before going on a journey to find themselves.


Powers and Abilities


  • Human Disguise: In the first episode, she and Jindrax were seen disguised as regular humans before assuming their true forms.
    • Shape Shifting: Toxica can change her appearance to look like another person, as seen when she disguised herself as Merrick to lure Princess Shayla out of the sacred water.
  • Magic Usage: Toxica is an expert in magic, spells, and incantations.
  • Teleportation: Toxica can teleport at will.
  • Detection: Toxica can detect the presence of an Org through her horn. When she picks up the presence of incredibly strong Orgs, such as the Mut-Orgs, her horn would glow purple.
  • Energy Blast: Toxica was able to shoot an energy blast to help the Flute Org escape, but where she fired it from is unknown.
  • Rope Creation: Toxica can shoot out a blue energy whip from her hand which will then turn into a rope to ensnare her opponents.
  • Longevity: Toxica apparently has longevity as she has lived for 3000 years and hasn't aged at all but does not possess immortality as shown when she was destroyed by the Jungle Blaster.
  • Communication: Toxica was able to reach out to Jindrax back when she was trapped in the Org Spirit World.


  • Strength: Toxica is stronger than any Org monster (except Master Org, Locomotive Org, Mut-Orgs, General Orgs and Zen-Aku) and is roughly on par with Jindrax.
  • Durability: As one of the main villains, Toxica can take hits from even Master Org and be relatively unharmed. A massive blast from Master Org's hand only knocked her over and did not seem to hurt her.


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Toxica's Magical Staff

  • Staff: Toxica has a massive staff to aid her in combat.
    • Monster Growth: By chanting "Evil spirits of toil and strife, give this fallen Org new life", Toxica could fire five brown beans into the green foam remains of the fallen Org. The beans would sprout into vines that would combine to form into a giant version of the fallen Org.
    • Electrokinesis: With her staff, Toxica could manipulate electricity to blast her enemies with purple lightning and send them flying.
      • Tractor Beam: Toxica could wrap the Rangers in a purple lightning-like tractor beam to throw them around.
        • Lightning Beam: The tractor beam from Toxica's staff can cause her opponents pain similar to a regular lightning beam.
    • Resurrection: Toxica was able to revive Mandilok using her staff.
  • Putrid Conch Shell: Toxica sometimes carried a conch shell which could project the goo that becomes an army of Putrids.
  • Katana: When infiltrating the Animarium, Toxica came armed with a katana.
  • Nayzor's Crown: Toxica temporarily used Nayzor's crown to transform into Necronomica.


Powers and Abilities


  • Forehead Lightning Beam: Necronomica could unleash green lightning beams from the black orb on her forehead.
  • Teleportation: Necronomica could teleport like before back when she was Toxica.


  • Necronomica had no special abilities.


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  • Scepter: As Necronomica, Toxica was armed with a scepter although she never used it.

Appearances: WF Episode 17

Armored TsueTsue.jpg

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Toxica retained her ability to teleport like before in her original form.
  • Super Jumps: Toxica could jump long distance.


  • Strength: Being powered by Master Org, Toxica possessed far greater strength than she has before and was strong enough to knock Merrick down and de-morph him with one smack.


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  • Staff: Super Toxica retained her staff for combat like before in her original form.
    • Monster Growth: Through her chant, Super Toxica could use her staff to fire her growth beans like she did in her original form.
    • Energy Projectiles: Super Toxica could release dark purple energy projectiles from her staff.
    • Tractor Beam: Toxica can fire a purple lightning-like tractor beam from her staff like before in her original form, but she can combine it with Super Jindrax's to increase its effect.

Appearances: WF Episodes 18-23

Behind the Scenes



Toxica in her ninja attire

More humanoid than many of her fellow Orgs, Toxica has a blood red horn jutting out of her skull, which was otherwise covered by flowing black hair with purple highlights which she typically covered with a turban-like blue-black helmet. She wore purple make-up on her face. A thin black veil covered her mouth; she wore blue-black armor on her upper body and a long dress. She filed her fingernails sharp and painted them blue to match her outfit. During the infiltration of the Animarium, Toxica donned an all black skin tight suit, helping her to blend into the dark jungle surroundings.

As Necronomica, she became a green/white general Org with a single horn green and white and two fan-shaped protrusions each side of her head with pendants on the ends. She had two red, glowing eyes with a black orb sitting between, a wide grim halved with a stained glass-like pattern. She wore a green dress with two pointy shoulder plates and a long cape, wielding a short scepter.

As Super Toxica, her original outfit gained a more black coloration, slightly similar to her Necronomica form, although pitch-black and more fanged.


  • Her name came from the Spanish translation of toxic, tóxico. Tóxica is how to call a female person, toxic in Spanish, and as well, in both Brazilian and European Portuguese.


  • Toxica was the only female Duke Org (in this case, the Duchess Org) in the series, and, as Necronomica, the only female General Org.
  • Toxica was the only Duke Org in the series never to grow giant, and, as Necronomica, the only General Org either.
    • As for coincidence, Mandilok never grow either.


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