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Totem Pole Monger (トーテムポールモンガー Totemu Pooru Mongā, 38) is the Native American/totem pole-theme Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Created to be the "guardian spirit" of Black Magma, Totem Pole Monger joins with them during an initial battle on a Guardians of World Peace base, which Sun Vulcan deflect. Later, it joins in the abduction of Asao Hyou's father Atarou Hyou, having been captured after being won over by his son in believing that he had to be trusted in what he was doing after no longer being a member of GWP's Ranger squadron. In a showdown, Asao fights Totem Pole Monger untransformed as long as possible to not reveal to Atarou his membership in Sun Vulcan before being forced to change while his father gets away from the Monger and Black Magma forces. Sun Vulcan soon deal with the Monger, defeating it with the Vulcan Ball, then with Sun Vulcan Robo after using its Expansion Program.


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He has great strength for combat, uses tomahawks as melee and throwing weapons, a lasso, and grenades called the Washer. He can also jump high and teleport.

Behind the Scenes


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