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Toshizo Tanba is Kaoru's retainer. Arrogant and fiercely loyal to Kaoru, he is highly contemptuous of Takeru and, by extension, Hikoma, and demands that the Shinkengers support Kaoru without question. Tanba often speaks candidly without thinking, which sometimes annoys Kaoru; she hits him in the back of the head with a fan to express her displeasure on these occasions.

He returns with Kaoru in the Gokaiger episodes, The Serious Rebellion and The Guaranteed Showy Samurai.

He created the Double Disk based on his specialty mojikara, which allows whatever weapon the disk is used on to double up. It was used by Shinken Red for the Rekka Daizantou and by Gokai Blue (as Shinken Blue) with the Shinkenmaru, the disc creating a fully-functioning duplicate of their respective weapons.


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