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Tortorian Inspector Buntar (トルト星・ブンター Toruto-seijin Buntā) is a red ape-like alien known as a Tortorian from the Torto star. Buntar has a remarkable history with Doggie and Swan. He also trains the Dekarangers to earn and assume the abilities of Swat Mode to battle against their enemies.


  • In-spite of S.P.D having their own robotic canine, Buntar also has a robotic canine companion, named Clarence K9.
  • He, Doggie, and Swan may be a reference to the Legend of Momotaro, with each one representing one of his three animal companions (A dog, a monkey, and a pheasant.) Although Supreme Comander Horusian Numa-O may also represent the Pheasant.


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