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"Torozord, charge!"
―Magna Defender's summoning call for the Torozord.[src]

The Torozord is the Zord of the Magna Defender. It is a bull that is loyal to him, but does not always go along with his rather brutal methods in his quest for vengeance, going as far as breaking their combined form once when the Defender attempted to destroy Terra Venture. Torozord can morph Magna Defender into a Zord-sized form known as Mega Defender, and either serves as his steed or merges with him to become Defender Torozord.

Appearances: LG Episodes 10-12, 15-17, 19, 20, 25, 37, 38, 40-42

Defender Torozord

Defender Torozord is the combination of Mega Defender and Torozord.

During the transformation, Torozord rises backwards on its hind legs into a humanoid stance with its left and right front legs becoming Defender Torozord's right and left arms respectively and Torozord's front feet sliding upwards, while rotating, to reveal a hand for each arm; Torozord's torso opens to reveal a special opening which Mega Defender jumps into; after Mega Defender is inside Torozord, Torozord's left and right rear legs rise in length to form Defender Torozord's right and left legs respectively with Torozord's rear feet rotating to act as Defender Torozord's feet; the last phase is when Torozord's torso closes while Mega Defender is inside before Torozord's head turns down by 90 degrees, facing out, to reveal the face of the combination which is concealed under the back of Torozord's head.

Defender Torozord uses powerful slashing attacks, and is armed with both a double-bladed lance, or with the large Defender Axe. One of Defender Torozord's abilities is the Defender Torozord Lightning Spin, a powerful aerial-spin-like charging attack.

In Escape the Lost Galaxy, Mike, the second Magna Defender, used this formation to hold open the portal Terra Venture used to escape the Lost Galaxy. While Mike would survive in the end, the force of the portal was too strong and the Zord was ultimately destroyed.


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