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"My Lord, Zilpheeza. Just leave it to me, Tornadeus!"
―Tornado Psyma Beast Tornedeus's first words upon being created.[src]

Tornado Psyma Beast Tornedeus (竜巻サイマ獣トルネデウス Tatsumaki Saimajū Torunedeusu) is a Psyma Beast under Dark King Zylpheeza.


A monster that can create massive tornadoes as well as protect itself by hiding inside them. After it begins to attack the city with its tornadoes, GoGoFive fight it; after dealing with his corp of Familiars Imps, Matoi smashes him with a car to stun him before he is destroyed by the Calamity Breaker. Revived by Pierre, it creates a massive tornado which dislodges the return flight of a space shuttle controlled by Shou's friend Kyoko Hayase. After making sure the shuttle returns to Earth safely, the team use Victory Robo, trying to use the same maneuver that stopped Magma Golem until learning from their father about the requirement to use Plus Energy to destroy the Minus Energy that Psyma Beasts are made from. At his instruction, they summon the Braver Sword for the first time and destroy Tornedeus with Victory Prominence.


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Behind the Scenes

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  • His motif is the one of a bat.
  • His name is a pun on "Tornado"

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