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Torikagolar is Vader Monster "45" of the Vader Clan

Character History

Torikagolar initially is created to be the host of a TV show controlled by the Vader Clan about the perils children must face headed into the 21st century, creating a down-beat message that overpopulation and pollution will lead to massive problems for them as they become the Earth's caretakers and their needs to survive the dangers of the world to come. After Santa and several other children decide to use the ideas of survival to test their own survival skills out in the wild, it works alongside Keller and Mirror to strand them in the middle of nowhere without any means of contact or any food in order to force them to try to survive or destroy themselves. When the Denziman try to rescue them, Daigorou likewise gets hurt by Torikagolar and throw him into the same wilderness as Santa's group, where he forces all of them to work together and help each other in order to get out of their crisis; but it continues to torment him by preventing him from even finding any food in nature while the Dustlers confound the other Denziman from finding the lost, confused group. Ultimately when the Denziman and the kids regroup, the team defeat it with the Blue Rocket attack, then stop it with DaiDenzin after it grows.


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His main attacks include the usage of feather-like daggers including a blade, egg bombs, and a pistol as well as a wind attack used by its wings. He can also disguise himself as a human, turn invisible, and change his size.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Naming: "Torikago" - "Birdcage"


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