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"Power of Water!"
―Tori after she morphs[src]

Tori Hanson is the Blue Wind Ranger of the Ninja Storm Rangers and is the first female Blue Power Ranger in show history.

In Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, four years later, Tori is recruited and her powers would be completely restored by Sentinel Knight for conforming part of the Retro Rangers helping the Overdrive Rangers against Thrax and his Evil Alliance.


Ninja Storm[]

Tori is the logical and sensible member of the Ninja Rangers and a tomboy. She can be charmed by her teammates and loyal to her friends but sticks up for Cam when her fellow Rangers pick on him and has an innate skill for ending conflicts with words instead of fists. Tori has an affinity for water, surfing in her spare time and mastering water based fighting techniques while training at the Wind Ninja Academy. She also has a crush on Blake Bradley, the Navy Thunder Ranger which, while "obviously mutual", was never acted upon (most likely due to the show's targeting a younger audience).

Tori's ninja training has endowed her with skills independent of her Ranger powers. Like her fellow ninja, Tori possesses superhuman speed and can move faster than the eye can see (referred to as "ninja streak"), leap higher than an average person, evade detection by normal people and focus her inner energies to resist mental attacks and manipulation. Her training based on her affinity for water allows her to move across water as if it were solid ground, create high-powered bursts of water as an offensive weapon and manipulate and control water for a number of effects such as creating objects.

As the Blue Ranger, Tori relies on the power of water to thwart evil, and pilots the Dolphin Zord.

In the finale, Tori becomes an instructor at the Wind Ninja Academy.

Dino Thunder[]

Legacy of Power[]

The Wind Rangers were featured in a chronicle of Power Ranger history compiled by Tommy Oliver shortly after he formed the Dino Rangers, which was found by the nascent Ranger team in the Dino Lab. Tvicon TV STORY-Legacy of Power

Lothor's Return[]

The wind Rangers as a instructors

Tori with Shane and Dustin as the new instructors of the rebuilt Wind Ninja Academy.

After almost a year, when Lothor finally manages to escape the Abyss of Evil. Meanwhile, after beating their students, Tori, Shane, and Dustin find a message from "Sensei" telling them where to meet him.

The Ninjas meet with Sensei to discover that Lothor has returned. When he gives them new Wind Morphers, they are put under an evil spell. Tori becomes evil alongside her teammates. It turns out to be Lothor who has captured Sensei and now plans to use the Wind Rangers for his evil plan.

When Lothor shows up with some new friends he made in the Abyss to once again take on the Wind Ninja Academy, Dustin, Shane, and Tori morph into the Wind Rangers after so much time and begin attacking the Wind Ninja Academy.

The Wind Ninjas don't stand a chance against the Wind Power Rangers. As a result Lothor bottles up the Wind Ninja Students and leaves the destroyed Ninja Academy.

Evil Tori attacks kira

Tori under Lothor's evil spell attacks Kira.

Later, the Wind Rangers and Lothor's forces attack Reefside. Conner, Ethan, and Kira are challenged by the Wind Rangers, each Wind Ranger fight with each Dino Ranger, and Tori fights against Kira. She easily defeats Kira using her Ninja Sword. With the help of Lothor's forces, the Wind Rangers defeat the Dino Rangers, forcing them to retreat while Cam, Hunter, and Blake watch the fight from above. They watch as the Wind Rangers beat the Dino Rangers, this also causes Mesogog to be intricate by these Evil Rangers.

In Lothor's hideout, Elsa has come to deliver a message from Mesogog to Lothor and his Army including the Wind Rangers. Tvicon TV STORY-Thunder Storm Part 1

Teaming up with the Dino Ranger[]

The Ninja Rangers came into Hayley Cyberspace

The Wind Rangers facing the Dino Rangers.

When Ethan investigates the Power Rangers Database from his laptop, he sees that the Wind Rangers defeated 100 of Lothor's army of monsters. At the same time, Conner affirms that he only can defeat the Wind Rangers. Unfortunately, the Wind Rangers arrived at Hayley's Cyberspace, after Shane scared everyone except the Dino Rangers away with his wind attack, Tori told them that she and her team have some unfinished business. The two teams come face to face with their respective color, Tori with a serious expression face to face with Ethan, Conner insists they meet somewhere else. Shane suggests the Harbor Bridge, and the Wind Rangers leave Hayley's Cyberspace with a Ninja streak.

Tori and Kira using their powers

Tori and Kira clash their water attacks and Ptera Scream powers.

At the Harbor Bridge, the Wind Rangers show up and give a wind attack to the Dino Rangers, starting and during the battle, Tori fights against Kira taking too much advantage in the fight, causing a collision of Tori's water attack and Kira's Ptera scream. While the end of the collision attacks, Tori continues fighting against Kira. When Tori and her teammates were about turned into their Ranger forms, Hunter, Cam, and Blake join their comrades against the Dino team in battle, cheating that they also joined Lothor's Army. But they trick them into taking the right Power Discs, which reverses Lothor's spell, Tori and her teammates return back to the good side.

Back at the Dino Lab, Tori and the other Rangers listening on how Hunter, Blake, and Cam explain that Sensei came to their rescue just in time. All the Rangers are ready to take down Lothor. Tommy and Sensei remind them that this won't be easy and they will have to try their best.

The Dino Lab's screen shows Lothor and Mesogog's army, deducting that Lothor forms an alliance with Mesogog, all the Rangers going to the battlefield.

Tori and Kira team up against Elsa

Tori and Kira team up against Elsa.

The Ninja Rangers and Dino Rangers morph into their Ranger forms and prepare for the battle. Tori with her teammates and the three main Dino Rangers riding their motorcycles attacking Lothor and Mesogog's forces while Tori and Kira deal with Elsa. They leave the motorcycles and fight against Elsa, receiving Elsa's blast attack. Tori and Kira counterattack with Kira in her Super Dino Mode and they both attack with their Laser Blaster and Thundermax Blaster defeating Elsa, later all the Rangers destroy Lothor's bodyguards.

The Rangers are celebrating their victory when Marah and Kapri show up on the scene to release the captured Ninja students. All the Power Rangers gather together and celebrate their victory over Lothor.

Afterwards, the Wind Rangers lose their powers, leaving things to the next generation. All the Rangers gather together to watch Blake win his race and the trophy. Tvicon TV STORY-Thunder Storm Part 2

Mission Training[]

Tori shane and Dustin in power Rangers training Room Database

Tori in Rex's Ranger database.

She is shown on the screen of the viewers registered database. Tori in the archive footage as the Blue Wind Ranger is seen during the morphing sequence with her fellow Wind Rangers, while Rex Ranger is learning the 1 new movements to Matt and Trevor. Tvicon TV STORY-Power Rangers - Mission Training

Operation Overdrive[]

Meeting the Overdrive Rangers[]

"Let the games begin."
―Tori's performance after she attacks Kamdor[src]
Tori wth her power Fully restored

Tori returns with her powers fully restored.

Tori would be called back to action once more. The Sentinel Knight came to ask Tori for help in protecting the jewels of the Corona Aurora, after the Operation Overdrive Power Rangers were disconnected from the Morphing Grid by Rita and Zedd's son Thrax. Tori was more than happy to help, and the Sentinel Knight restored her Blue Wind Ranger powers, albeit permanently this time.

After that she, Bridge, Xander and Kira are present, and before Adam was presented. Tori attacks Kamdor, with a Ninja speed using her Ninja Sword. After the rest of the veteran Rangers are present, her enemies are defeated and the Overdrive Rangers are stunned, also she like the rest of the four Rangers heard they needed some help.

After that, Kamdor and Mig decide to retreat. The Retro Rangers demorph immediately afterwards and meets the Overdrive Rangers. Before the conversation gets too deep, according to Tori and thinks perhaps another place would be better to talk.

The Retro Rangers meeteing overdrive Rangers

Tori along with the other Rangers meeting the Overdrive Rangers.

She and the others response to Will's question that everyone was a Ranger once. Tori like the other Rangers are listening the confuse history about how Bridge became a Red Ranger after first being the Green Ranger and later the Blue Ranger from the future until the unexpected appearance of the Sentinel Knight, who recounted how he restored the powers of Tori and some of the other past Rangers thus naming them the new Power Ranger team.

Adam team up with Tori ,Kira ,Bridged and Xander

Tori teams up with Kira, Bridge, and Xander led by Adam against Flurious and his Chillers.

Later, Tori and the rest of the Rangers save an ancient monument, returning to the Hartford Mansion. She expresses to her Retro Ranger teammates that she is looking forward to drive the Gyro Driver Zord's cockpit, when meeting again with the Overdrive Rangers, listening Rose's question confirms like the rest of the veteran Rangers that everyone gets along. Kira motivates that the Overdrive Rangers will recover their powers a little time.

Immediately an emergency alarm sounded and Tori along with Kira, Bridge, and Xander lead by Adam went to save San Angeles, preventing Flurious and his Chillers from blocking the road. She fights against several numbers of Chillers, until they cornered Flurious but he escaped. Tvicon TV STORY-Once A Ranger (1)

Teaming up with the Overdrive Rangers[]

Tori attack several Chilers

Tori using a water attack defeated some Chillers.

Adam, Bridge, Xander, Kira, and Tori are in a warehouse in Angel Grove. Adam is leading them along when Bridge offers to help and takes his glove off to take a reading. The strange reading turns out to be several Chillers, later when Xander's "Plan Xander" plan failed, the five Rangers fight against several Chillers.

Tori used a water attack to easily defeat the Chillers. After the battle, Adam spots the crate he was looking for. Tori wonders whether this would really help and Adam is confident that it will.

Kira ,Tori , Bridge and Xander attacking vulturus

Tori, Kira, Bridge, and Xander battling against Vulturus.

In the Control Center after Adam activated Alpha and teleported within the Morphin Grid, the alarm goes off. Tori, Kira, Bridge, and Xander slid down the poles and race towards the screen. The screen shows a giant size monster, Vulturus. Tori comments that she sees that they still make them big. Mr. Hartford instructs Adam to take the Flash Point Megazord and the other Rangers follow the pass.

The Rangers in the two Megazords battle Vulturus. The Rangers in the DriveMax Ultrazord have a difficult time and spot Mack racing towards them with the Sword Excelsior. Mack leaps high into the air and comes down slashing the sword through Vulturus and destroying him.

After that, Mack gives Sentinel Knight the sword, Tori and the others enter the room and tell Mack what a great job he did. Alpha 6 returns from the Morphing Grid. Mr. Hartford checks and somehow, someway the Grid is back online.

In the Control Center, the screen shows the Evil Alliance. She like the other veteran Rangers are ready to give the Overdrive Trackers to the six Overdrive Rangers. With the Trackers and Mercury Morpher now repaired are handed back to the six Rangers.

All of the Rangers take off to face down the Evil Alliance. both Ranger teams confronted Thrax's Alliance in a final battle, All the Rangers morph, appalling Thrax, as he thought he destroyed them. The Rangers and villains race towards each other and the battle begins.

Blue Wind Ranger and Pink Overdrive Ranger team up

Tori and Rose team up against Moltor

Tori fought alongside Rose Ortiz, the Pink Overdrive Ranger against Moltor, they efficiently dodge Moltor's attacks, she and Rose attack several Lava Lizard, she uses her Ninja Sword to defeat most of them.

She and Rose jumped while they dodge Moltor's red thunder attack, counter-attacked with a combined attack with Tori's water attack and Rose's Drive Geyser water blaster defeating Moltor.

The Sentinel Knight then appeared and used the power of the Sword Excelsior to destroy Thrax, and the Rangers defeated the villains but survived and Moltor tells them he is going after the remaining jewels. Miratrix tells him not if they get there first. The Evil Alliance is no more and they vanish, after the two Ranger teams reunited and shake hands.

Tori give her surf card shop to Mr hardford

Tori give her number if the Overdrive team need her help again.

Everyone is gathered inside the Hartford Mansion, Tori listening that how Dax was happy to see them, then upset that they were staying, and now sad that they are leaving. Tori tells them if they ever need them again, just to give them a call and passes her card over to Mr. Hartford. Everyone is in an upbeat mood. Mr. Hartford suggests they gathered together. Everyone forms a circle and place their hands on top of each other. Then they leap into the air and say "Go Go Power Rangers". Tvicon TV STORY-Once A Ranger (2)

It is also revealed that Tori now runs her own surf shop. She is the only Ninja Storm Ranger to currently possess her Ranger powers due to the Sentinel Knight.


Tori along with the other Ninja Rangers and other Ranger teams are seen in Troy's premonition about the Legendary Battle. Tvicon TV STORY-Mega Mission

She and the other Rangers are seen again in another of Troy's dream/vision about the Legendary Battle. Tvicon TV STORY-Stranger Ranger

After the apparent death of Vrak, Tori is seen briefly with the other Rangers in Troy's premonition about the Legendary Battle. Tvicon TV STORY-The Messenger

Super Megaforce[]

PRSM-Ninja Storm Rangers

The Wind Ranger trio joins the battle.

Emperor Mavro was defeated, but the remaining thousands of X Borgs still stand. Tommy gathered all the existing Power Rangers, Tori returned with her fellow Ninja Rangers as part of the army of Legendary Rangers led by Tommy that helped the Mega Rangers defeat the Armada once and for all, fighting in a huge battle against hundreds of X Borgs and dozens of Bruisers. After the demise of the X Borgs, Tommy shook hands with Troy and teleported off along with Tori and the Legendary Rangers. Tvicon TV STORY-Legendary Battle

Dino Fury[]

Tori Archive footaje Dino Fury

Tori is seen in the Legendary Ranger Database.

When Zayto, Aiyon, and Solon where looking at the Database, Aiyon suggests building Tori’s Sonic Fin due to how it can immobilize a monster’s body with sonic waves. Unfortunately, the only spare audio transducer Solon had was fried in the Dino Chuck incident. Tvicon TV STORY-The Festival

Zayto activates the Legendary Ranger Database, showing Master Blue that Master Green came to them after the Dinohenge statues were destroyed and restored them to normal. Also, Zayto says that he found Ranger teams who were saved in their darkest moments through unexplained reasons and shows them three specific moments. Including the Legendary Battle where all the Legendary Rangers including Tori and the other Ninja Storm Rangers coming to the aid of the Megaforce Rangers in the Legendary Battle and helping them defeat an entire army of the Armada's X Borgs. Tvicon TV STORY-Morphin Master


Tori is Tomboyish and loves water sports, always seen surfing. However, she is also someone willing to help others and is very generous. Tori is also very smart and knows the right way on doing things; for example, she knew that one who battles herself never emerges victorious. As the only girl in their team, Tori is capable of keeping Shane and Dustin in line but has an amazing friendship with them. She also has some feelings for Blake. When they met again, she said that she never wanted to talk to Blake but when Blake teased her about missing him, a smile is seen on her face. Tori also is logical, mature and is someone who doesn't get too into the antics of her friends.

'Pork Chopped' shows that Tori values her friendships with Shane and Dustin as well as the Bradley brothers Blake and Hunter. Proven when she attends Shane's skateboarding demo and the Film festival with the brothers. Tori has Tonsurephobia, the fear of having her hair cut as proven in 'Eye Of The Storm.' She is also capable of recognizing the antics of Marah and Kapri, Lothor's nieces as she knew that the 2 botanists in disguise in 'Nowhere To Grow' were actually Marah and Kapri.

Blue Wind Ranger[]


Blue Wind Ranger

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Superhuman Speed: Due to their Ninja training, Tori and her fellow Ninja Storm Rangers can move faster than the eye can see.
  • Superhuman Agility: Due to their Ninja training, Tori and her fellow rangers can move leap higher than the average person.
  • Stealth: Due to their Ninja training, Tori and her fellow Ninja Storm Rangers are able to evade detection by normal people.
  • Telepathic Negation: Due to their ninja training, Tori and her fellow Ninja Storm Rangers can focus their inner energies to resist telepathic abilities.
  • Water Manipulation: Tori's training based on her affinity for water allows her to move across water as if it were solid ground, create high-powered bursts of water as an offensive weapon, and manipulate and control water for a number of effects, such as creating objects.
  • Ninja Beams: From her Wind Morpher, Tori can fire blue energy lasers.

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Appearances: NS Episodes 1-16, 18-38; DT Episodes 31, 32; OO Episodes 20, 21; SM Episodes 20 & LBEV







Villain Groups[]

Lothor's Army[]
Mesogog's Army[]
Flurious' Forces[]
Moltor's Forces[]
Kamdor's Forces[]
Evil Space Aliens[]


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Behind the Scenes[]



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  • Tori's name can be a nickname for "Victoria".
  • The surname Hanson and its variants are likely of Germanic/Nordic origin, likely meaning "son of Hans". If Tori was of Nordic lineage, "Hansdottir" might have been used in lieu of Hanson.

Ranger Key[]

HurricaneBlue Ranger Key

The Blue Wind Ranger Key.

The Blue Wind Ranger Key is Tori's personal Ranger Key. This key along with the majority of the Core Ranger Keys are seen lining the Command Center's interior walls. This key is mainly used by Noah Carver (Super Megaforce Blue) who uses it to fight as the Blue Wind Ranger.

The Blue Wind Ranger Key is one of the five water-element Blue Ranger Keys that are used by Super Megaforce Blue for his Ultimate Ranger Saber Strike attack, which was used once against Skatana. This attack involved summoning manifestations of the five Rangers to attack the target, with Blue Wind Ranger being the fourth to go. Tvicon TV STORY-Blue Saber Saga


  • Tori is the first female Blue Ranger.
  • Sally Martin was 17 years old in the first place, when she first and started playing Tori Hanson
  • Tori was the first character seen in the season premiere, "Prelude To a Storm."
  • Tori is the only Ranger to have kept the same pose her Sentai counterpart used after morphing.
  • The two-part episode "Shane's Karma" takes place on Tori's birthday and the cake that Dustin is holding at the end of the second episode has eighteen candles on it. This makes Tori one of the few Rangers whose age is stated in any way, directly or indirectly.
  • When Tori appeared in the Dino Thunder team-up episode "Thunder Storm", she was wearing a new ninja uniform because of her sensei status. However, when she appeared in the Operation Overdrive episode "Once A Ranger", she was wearing her old student ninja uniform.
  • Tori is a playable character in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.
  • In early casting sides, Tori and Shane used to be a couple who had a hard time keeping their relationship due to their Ranger duties to the point of considering breaking up.[1]


Power Rangers Key Scanner[]

Blue Ninja Storm Ranger Scanner App Assets

Blue Wind Ranger in Power Rangers Key Scanner

Tori as Blue Wind Ranger, appears in the app videogame Power Rangers Key Scanner, among various other Ranger teams.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars[]

Tori is a playable character in Power Rangers Legacy Wars. She is an Epic (Leader), Epic (Assist) character, and represents the Ninja Rangers along with Cam, Blake and Hunter.

Power Rangers Action Card Game[]

Power Rangers Action Card Game Blue Wind Ranger Card

Blue Wind Ranger in Power Rangers Action Card Game.

Tori as Blue Wind Ranger, appears in the American trading card game Power Rangers Action Card Game, among various other Rangers.

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