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Torarugin (トラルギン Torarugin) is a tiger-theme Silver Imperial Army Monster of the Silver Imperial Army Zone.

Character History

A former partner of Galactic Swordsman Billion, he was summoned in to use Fiveman's weakness of their need to watch over and protect the students of Newtown Elementary School to their own advantage. Taking over Takeshi, a trouble-making boy who was a part of Gaku's classes prior to the school's destruction by Zone, he forces the boy to become his body and attack Gaku against his will even as he struggled. As Gaku tries to free the boy from Billion's control, Torarugin decides to take over FiveRed's body to use it accordingly. However while in that body, Billion attacks Gaku, likewise attacking and hurting his ally. Torarugin takes offense with Billion's move, but the swordsman claims that he and Zone are willing to do anything to accomplish their goals, thus destroying the partnership. Torarugin tries to attack Billion on his bike before being expelled from Gaku; upon which Fiveman defeat him with the Brother Attack. After Billion uses Gorlin #02 to create a giant replica, he is destroyed by FiveRobo.



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  • Torarugin's main ability is the ability to possess and take control of any being; those controlled by him will move and act by his will, but likewise will also become his literal physical body allowing for him to become hurt if his host is struck. He also has sharp claws and the ferocity to attack like a tiger.

Behind the Scenes


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