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Toranosuke Taiga (大河虎之介 Taiga Toranosuke) is a champion martial artist from Kagoshima and father of Sae Taiga

Character History

A powerful man of Kagoshima, who had won championships and loves eating the local delicacy of Satsuma-age. Although a great martial artist in his own name, Toranosuke became worried when his daughter Sae asks him to go to Tokyo in order to train, believing that she would be held back by his legacy if he didn't. Though he ultimately lets Sae go, he doesn't know what to think of this decision she made.

Two years after Sae departed, Toranosuke headed to Tokyo to check on his daughter, not knowing that she had been chosen to become a Gaoranger. Although Sae prepared her apartment to meet him, she became called away by the appearance of SamuraiDoll Org, forcing her to leave the apartment to him. Arriving, Toranosuke is treated to satsuma-age and booze but decides to search for his daughter to check up on her. Eventually seeing the Gaoranger battle, he is able to pick out GaoWhite using his style, making him realize she was Sae without ever directly meeting him. Seeing that her experiences on her own had made her a better martial artist, he returned to Kagoshima satisfied that she is continuing to proceed as a fighter and happy with her progress without revealing he knew she was now GaoWhite.

After the battle with the Orgs ended, Toranosuke visits Sae at her martial arts school in Tokyo. He tries to refer to her as "GaoWhite", but she tries to tell him that she's just Sae again.


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