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"I call on the power of Tor!"
―Summoning announcement[src]

Tor the Shuttlezord is the Carrierzord for the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.


As the Rangers struggled against Lord Zedd's monster Four Head, Zordon introduced them to a new Carrierzord that could combine with their Thunderzords. Tor was created when Zordon fused a green crystal with a turtle. The Zord could transform into a Warrior Mode by "standing up" and retracting its head and neck; Tor's back would then become the front of the Zord. In this mode, it could shoot rockets out of its fingertips, and could open up its chest for the Red Dragon Thunderzord to enter it and re-energize. Presumably it could do the same with any of the Rangers' Thunderzords, but this was never shown onscreen.

Tor's default mode is Shuttle Mode, where it can hold a ranger's Zord for protection or combine with the other six Thunderzords to create the Thunder Ultrazord. Tor was used primarily to withstand the might of Serpentera, a massive Warzord that could easily crush any of the Rangers' Zords in a confrontation. It was first used in this way when the Rangers went to retrieve the Sword of Light, with Jason docking his Red Dragon Thunderzord into Tor to buy time against Zedd. It was later modified so that it could drain Serpentera's energy, which proved invaluable in a later confrontation with Zedd.

When the Rangers obtained their Ninjazords and were in need of a compatible Carrierzord, Tor was retired in favor of a modified Titanus. It's unclear what became of it after this, as it may be dormant on Earth; though during Zeo, Billy mentions that he made the Zeozords out of recycled Zords, making it possible Tor was among the Zords dismantled. However, this was never confirmed.

Tor the Shuttlezord: Warrior Mode

Appearances: MMPR S2 Episodes 25, 27, 32 

Additional Formations

Thunder Ultrazord

The Thunder Ultrazord is a combination of the Thunderzord Assault Team, White Tigerzord and Tor the Shuttlezord. The Tigerzord would sit inside Tor while the Thunderzord Assault Team docked onto Tor's back. The Red Dragon Thunderzord would twirl its baton like a helicopter rotor to lift the Zord and drop it on top of an opponent, crushing and destroying the monster. The Thunder Ultrazord was rarely called upon.

Appearances: MMPR S2 Episodes 25, 27-29, 32, 35



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