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"Welcome to my magic show. Let's see what I have inside my hat!"
―The monster's first lines to the Rangers before engaging them in a Megazord battle.[src]
"The show's over!"
―The monster's final words before his destruction.[src]

Top Hat is one of Kamdor's creations, he is a silk hat/animal picture monster that appears as supporting antagonist of the episode "It's Hammer Time".


A silk hat/animal picture book monster created by Kamdor from a silk hat. He seemed to act and be referred to as a magician. Kamdor made him grow right after he was created. When engaging the Drivemax Ultrazord and the Flashpoint Megazord, he summoned a snake from its hat to constrict the Drivemax Ultrazord and used its umbrella to deflect the Flashpoint Megazord's attack. However then rangers replaced the arms of Megazords and The Flashpoint Megazord, which left mobile, was combined with the Drill Driver and the Shovel Driver which Tyzonn used to destroy the monster. It's Hammer Time


His personality is similar to that of a magician. Top Hat was shown to be faithful to Kamdor and wanted to defeat rangers at any cost.

Powers And Abilities

  • Strength: Despite this monster's appearance, it is powerful enough to overpower both the Drivemax Ultrazord and the Flashpoint Megazord.
  • Flight: This monster posses jet thrusts for which it can use to fly in high speeds.

Modus and Arsenal

  • Magic Hat: This monster posses a magician hat which it can launch a snake from his hat to wrap his enemies in and turn into chains, it is powerful enough to wrap the Drivemax Ultrazord.
  • Umbrella: This monster also posses an umbrella that he can use to absorb his enemies's attacks with and fire that attack back at the enemies. It is strong enough to send back the Flashpoint Megazords Hydro Blast.
  • Sword: This monster also posses a sword which aid him in combat.
    • Unknown Attack-Top Hat would draw his sword and charge forward, generating an image of Earth before him. He would then presumably energy slash his opponant with devastating force in what is presumably his strongest attack. How much damage this attack would actually do is unclear as Tyzonn destoyed him whilst he was performing this move.

Behind The Scenes


  • Top Hat is voiced by the unknown actor.


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  • Although this monster was never named on screen, Rhoda Montemayor (Rose) responded to a fan giving them the names of a few unnamed monsters, this monster being Top Hat.
  • Although his voice actor is unknown, his voice actor might have been Gregory Cooper since his voice is very similar to Carden . This is most evident when he said "Abrakadabra. There's a slight chance of showers."
  • He is the 2nd magician themed monster after Fortissimodo . The next one is Abrakadanger .
    • Coincidentally, his final words ("the show's over") are very similar to the Ninja Steel Ranger's victory catchphrase ("show's over, ninjas win.")
  • He is based on the Astro Megazord from Power Rangers in Space.

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