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"Ooo, yeah. Let's get this party started. I see that Master Xandred is back in charge so let's celebrate."
―Tooya's first words when showing up on Xandred's Junk.[src]

"Huh? Well, it's about time. Ur, come on. Who are you punks? Moogers! Get 'em!"
―Tooya when confronted by the Samurai Rangers.[src]

"Your ride's here!"
―Tooya as he sends a car at Jayden and his final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"Fee fi fo fum. Time to crush some Ranger bums!"
―Tooya when turning into a Mega-Monster.[src]

"Trying to get away, eh?"
―Tooya’s final words before his destruction.[src]

Tooya was a face-themed Nighlok and the first of his kind to be sent to Earth, the first monster of Power Rangers Samurai and the first monster in the New Saban Era. He served as the main antagonist of the first part of the two-part pilot episode "Origins."


After an attack by Moogers fails, Xandred's Junk emerges from the Sanzu River which both Octoroo and Tooya see with the latter arriving quickly. He plans to throw a celebratory party but both Octoroo and Master Xandred blow him off and tell him that the best way to celebrate is to gather human fear to raise the Sanzu River. Tooya soon comes to Earth with an army of Moogers, attacking the Japanese city of Panorama City. He nearly kills a man but is stopped by the arrival of the new Samurai Rangers although he doesn't recognize them until they morph and he sends his Moogers to wipe them out. When this fails due to thier personal weapons, Tooya spews a fireball at Jayden but he blocks with his Fire Smasher and sends the monster flying over to a car which he then throws at Jayden. However, Jayden cuts it in half, disarms Tooya, runs him into a pillar and obliterates him with an energy slash. However, Tooya then enlarges into a massive "Mega Monster" and tries to crush them underfoot but they dodge and soon summon thier Folding Zords. After a brief fight, which culminates in the Dragon Folding Zord crippling Tooya with the Dragon Splash, he is by the Lion Folding Zord's Pentagonal Fury which makes him fall forward and explode. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Origins

Tooya later appears at a Halloween party at the Nighlok Heaven, recounting his battle against the Samurai Rangers. After the night is over, Tooya bids the other dead Nighlock goodbye until the next year and fades away. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Party Monsters

Tooya is seen during a flashback during Christmas whilst the Samurai Rangers recount thier past battles whilst trapped in the Battlewing Megazord following the battle against Gred. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Stuck on Christmas


Tooya was a childish, egotistical party animal who wanted to party to celebrate Master Xandred's return. However, he had a serious side and was extremely sensitive; lashing out at Octoroo for insulting his skirt.

Powers and Abilities


  • Fireball: Tooya can fire fiery blast from his mouth.
  • Reviving: Just like all other Nighloks, Tooya could revive himself after his death.  
    • Enlarging: Just like all other Nighloks, Tooya was also able to make himself grow after his death, turning into a Mega Monster.


  • Strength: Tooya was able to push a parked car with ease and knock away the Turtle FoldingZord with a single swing.


  • Sanzu River Reliance: Presumably, Tooya must have had to recharge in the Sanzu River to prevent himself from drying up. However, his quick death prevented this from coming into effect as he died before he could dry out.


  • Twin Swords: Tooya wielded two short swords in combat.
    • Sword Lasers: Tooya could fire red energy lasers from the tips of his swords.
    • Sword Beam: Tooya could push his swords together to fire a large light purple energy beam.

Behind the Scenes



  • His name was a play on the prejorative "whatsit toya?"
    • In the game Rangers Together Samurai Forever on Nickelodeon, his name was Tooyain.


  • Even though he was the first Nighlok, he did not appear in the first episode aired. However he appeared in the promo.


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