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"Na ha ha! What are the nuts and bolts of this operation?"
―Tooltron's first lines after being created.[src]

"I'll break your weapons myself. Hu? "
―Tooltron when fighting Devon in the park battle and his final words before his destuction.[src]

The wrench that is used to create Tooltron.

Tooltron is a monkey wrench-themed Robotron created by Roxy in Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Tooltron appears as the primary villain of the episode Tools of the Betrayed.


Tooltron was created by Roxy when she infected a monkey-wrench she found in a pick-up truck. His task is to destroy the Ranger's weapons so she could earn the upgrade she and Blaze desired. He succeeded in destroying the Rangers' blasters and their transporters. Afterwards, Roxy told him to dismantle Zoey's equipment, where he later succeeded in collecting data on the Yellow Ranger's Jackrabbit jumping ability before his destruction by Devon and Nate when they used their Beast-X Blaster and Striker Morpher on him. ​Scrozzle then collected the data chip and sent in Tooldrone with the new Gigadrone Delta Model which were destroyed by the combined strengths of the Beast-X Megazord and the new Striker Megazord. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Tools of the Betrayed


He is mostly curious and speaks with tool puns. But he is also loyal to Evox and Blaze and Roxy and loyally helps them with their plan.

Powers and Abilities


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  • Tronics Summoning: Tooltron can summon Tronics to aid him in battle.


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  • Wrench Clubs: Tooltron can wield one or two wrench-like clubs for an aid in combat.
  • Wrench Blaster: Tooltron uses a wrench-themed blaster as his primary weapon.
    • Machinery Dismantling: Tooltron's blaster can fire light blue energy lasers that can reduce any device or weapon to its component parts if hit on contact.

Behind the Scenes


  • Tooltron was voiced by Darren Young, who voiced several previous monsters such as Forcefear and Grinder.
    • Tooltron has almost the exact same voice as Forcefear, although Tooltron's voice is higher pitched but otherwise identical.
      • In fact, Forcefear's voice was already identical to Grinder's.


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  • Although Tooltron is destroyed in the exact same manner as his Sentai counterpart, original footage is used to show his destruction rather than Go-Busters stock footage. There are two possible reasons for why.
    • The previous shot involved them slashing his chest and neck with their Beast-X Saber and Striker Saber and then they ran to the sides of him. This matters because they would go from being on his direct sides to further away so they wanted to be consistent.
    • Spannerloid was shot directly through his sides and it looked brutal so was probably replaced to censor this. This seems like the most likely reason.
    • From the Robtorons that were created by Roxy, she never give him a nickname, the other one was Shoveltron.


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