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Tools of the Betrayed is the eleventh episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers.[1]  It is the second part of the Data Chips saga. It features the debut of the Wrecker Zord Battle Mode, and the Striker Megazord.


An innocent lie leads to a break in trust between the Power Rangers.


At Riptide Gym, Devon prepares to attack Ravi and Zoey, who are blindfolded, using a training stick. The three finish training and they go over to a nearby table, where they are greeted by Ben and Betty with a package for Devon. The package is opened up by Devon and sees a virtual reality headset he had previously ordered. Just as Devon is prepared to try it on, Commander Shaw calls in and tells the team that Avatar Blaze was spotted in Sector Echo 68. As the team is leaving, Devon asks Ben and Betty to take the helmet back to base for him and tells them to make sure nothing happens to it. Instead, Betty puts the helmet on and begins causing a mess around Riptide Gym as she sees herself surfing in the headset. She later falls over on top of Ben as she later sees herself about to be eaten by a shark. Getting up, Betty sees that she broke Devon’s helmet, leaving herself disappointed.

Meanwhile, Nate and Steel are fighting Blaze and are cornered by him and some Tronics until the other Rangers show up to help. All of the Rangers proceed to fight the Tronics. Meanwhile, Blaze prepares to make a Robotron using Scrozzle’s Robotron maker. Devon notices this and immediately rushes over to Blaze and cuts the Robotron maker into pieces. Annoyed at the Red Ranger for destroying the device, Blaze teleports away with the broken parts. The other Rangers destroy the rest of the Tronics and they head back to Grid Battleforce to tell the Commander the news about the Robotron maker getting destroyed.

At Grid Battleforce, Devon tells the news about Blaze and the Robotron maker to the Commander and Nate tells her that he the Gigadrone Detectors are almost ready and that he is working on a new Megazord combination as well. Shaw tells them that any advantage over Evox will help. In the hallway, Zoey runs into Ben and Betty and realizes that something is wrong. Betty tells her that they broke Devon’s virtual reality helmet. Hearing this, Zoey decides to cover for Ben and Betty about the broken helmet and tells Devon that she broke it. Devon walks by to find his virtual reality headset in Zoey’s hands. Devon finds it and sees that it’s broken. Zoey takes the blame for Ben and Betty and then asks what happened to them because of them being covered in bandages. Zoey draws Devon away from Ben and Betty and they go to get lunch.

In the Cyber Dimension, Evox wants no part of Blaze after he is informed that the Robotron maker is destroyed. Avatar Roxy looks on Blaze being scolded and realizes this is an opportune time to impress Evox. Meanwhile, Scrozzle uses his computer to fix the Robotron maker. Impressed by this, Roxy comes up with a plan to create a Robotron to take things apart.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Nate finishes putting together a Gigadrone detector. Steel asks what they are meant for and Nate explains that it will give a warning to the Rangers whenever a Gigadrone is on the way, instead of having to deal with surprise attacks. Devon tells the team that they need to be set up all over the city. Shaw tells them to pick a place where the public won’t notice them and Nate adds that they need to build the devices on site since they each have a different configuration. Devon assigns Ben and Betty to work together and they all begin to installing the detectors around Coral Harbor.

Meanwhile, while Roxy notices Ben and Betty working on installing the new device, she prepares the newly-repaired Robotron maker on the back of a truck and grabs a wrench inside of it to create Tooltron. The Robotron asks for the details of the operation and Roxy asks him to give a demonstration of what he can do. Tooltron uses his abilities to dismantle a nearby X-Bike. After Roxy shows pleasure with his ability, she attaches a data chip on Tooltron and tasks him to take apart the Rangers’ weapons, starting with Zoey’s wrist communicator, so that she can’t morph. Zoey, who arrived to help Ben and Betty clean up, moves as Tooltron aims for her communicator, causing his laser to bounce off the trunk door of the car and hit the Gigadrone detector, which was just installed. Not realizing what happened, Zoey takes off with Ben and Betty back to base in a Grid Battleforce vehicle. Seeing what happened, Roxy takes off in anger with Tooltron following her.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Shaw enters Nate’s lab with Devon, Ravi and the Beast Bots looking on. Nate turns on all the Gigadrone detectors, only to notice that one isn’t working, realizing that it’s Ben and Betty’s unit. Commander Shaw leaves and says she’ll return when the detector is working and Ravi asks if it’s possible to look at the scene and Nate gains access to a security camera in the area and they all see that the Gigadrone detector parts are in shambles. Zoey returns with Ben and Betty. Seeing that they got ice cream, Ravi asks the three why they got ice cream when their Gigadrone detector that they were supposed to set up is broken. Confused by this, Devon tells the three that their Gigadrone detector parts are still in pieces on the ground. While Zoey doesn’t understand what happened, Devon comes to realize that when his virtual reality helmet got smashed, that Zoey said that she was the one who broke it, and that Ben and Betty were injured. The two come forward and tell Devon that they’re the ones who broke it. Upset that Zoey lied about the helmet, Devon asks her why he should believe her about the Gigadrone detector. Claiming because they’re friends, Devon tells her that friends are honest with each other and that she wasn’t.

Upset by this, Zoey leaves Nate’s lab with Jax following her. Ravi and Nate tell Devon that she was harsh to Zoey. Ignoring this, Devon takes them and Steel to finish installing the Gigadrone detector. In the hallway, Jax catches up with Zoey. Jax tells her that he believes her, but Devon has a point. Not wanting anything with Jax right now, Zoey tells him that she wants a place to think and she leaves, leaving Jax disappointed.

Meanwhile, Devon, Ravi, Nate and Steel finish reinstalling the Gigadrone detector. Roxy, in her Ranger form, and Tooltron arrive to confront this. Seeing them, the Rangers transform and prepare for battle. Tooltron uses his weapon to take the Rangers’ blasters apart. When Steel tells them that they can just transport new weapons, Tooltron blasts their transporters, preventing them from getting new weapons. Tooltron then threatens to take Steel apart with his weapon. Just as Tooltron prepares to blast, Ravi rushes to a nearby car part. The part is thrown to Steel and he uses it to deflect the blast, inadvertently towards the Gigadrone detector, causing it to break a second time. Having enough of this, Roxy orders Tooltron to take out the Yellow Ranger’s weapons too. The Rangers look at the broken Gigadrone detector where the Red Ranger realizes that Ben and Betty really did put the device together and that Zoey was telling the truth. Annoyed, Roxy summons her blaster and uses it to blast the Rangers to get their attention. Devon uses his speed to get through the fire from the blast to Roxy and knocks her weapon out of her hand. Ravi prepares to use his gorilla strength to punch her as well, but not before Roxy is able to get away.

Trying to figure out where the Robotron went to, Nate tells Devon and Ravi that he’s after Zoey. The Red Ranger immediately uses his morpher to contact Zoey to let her know about the Robotron coming for her, only to get no response. Not getting an answer, he calls Jax to try to see where she might be. Jax tells them that she needed a place to think and that she’s probably at the park. Hearing this, the Rangers leave to find her.

At the park, Zoey goes through her broken morpher parts and is immediately surrounded by Tronics called on by Tooltron. Jumping out of the way, she is greeted by the other Rangers. After Zoey tells them about her broken morpher, Cruise arrives with a new one along with new transporters for the others and they summon their weapons to blast Tooltron and the Tronics back. Zoey transforms into the Yellow Ranger and they all engage in battle with Tooltron and the Tronics. The Red and Gold Rangers are able to knock Tooltron back and they use their weapons to destroy him for good. The others join them to celebrate real quick, telling them that the Tronics are gone too and they head back to Grid Battleforce.

While the team leaves, Scrozzle comes to the scene to pick up the data chip left behind and he transports back to the Cyber Dimension where he calls Roxy out for leaving the data chip behind. While Roxy mocks Scrozzle, he raises and prepares to send a Gamma Model along with a new Delta Model surprise inside. The Gigadrone detector goes off and the Rangers deploy their Zords. With the Beast-X Megazord and the Wrecker Zord Battle Mode ready, Tooldrone lands and the new Delta Model Gigadrone emerges from the Gamma’s back. The two Megazords approach them and they battle each other. While the Beast-X Megazord battles the new Delta Model, Nate has trouble and Steel arrives to help in the Jet Zord. Realizing they are both in trouble, Nate and Steel combine their Zords to form the Striker Megazord for the first time. After both Megazords corner both Gigadrones into the middle, the Beast-X Megazord uses its Beast-X Hyper Kick and the Striker Megazord uses its new Striker Hyper Blast finisher to destroy both Gigadrones for good.

Back at Riptide Gym, Devon and Zoey apologize to each other while having juice and they hug it out. The others arrive to present Devon with his virtual reality headset. Happy to see it fixed, Devon tries it out and falls over from the shark game, causing the helmet to fly into over, with Ben and Betty coming to catch it from getting destroyed again.



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Chase's skateboard in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

  • This episode marks the debut of Scrozzle's Delta Model Gigadrones.
  • In the last scene in the Riptide Gym, Devon loses balance thanks to a skateboard with the silhouette of kiwi bird. The same model of skateboard belonged to Chase Randall in Power Rangers Dino Charge.
  • Although Tooltron is destroyed in the exact same manner as his Sentai counterpart, original footage is used to show his death rather than Go-Busters stock footage. There are two possible reasons for why.
    • The previous shot involved them slashing his chest and neck with their Beast-X Saber and Striker Saber and then they ran to the sides of him. This matters because they would go from being on his direct sides to further away so they wanted to be consistent.
    • Spannerloid was shot directly through his sides and it looked brutal so was probably replaced to censor this. This seems like the most likely reason.
  • This is the first episode not to feature the Cheetah Beast Blaster.

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