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"Morphing Gamma Model into Tooldrone!"
Scrozzle's computer announcing teleportation of Gigadrone.[src]


Tooldrone is a Gamma Model Gigadrone, created from the data of Tooltron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers. It held the first Delta Model Gigadrone inside.

Character History

Tooldrone is sent by Scrozzle to fight the Rangers following the destruction of Tooltron. Suddenly a new Gigadrone emerges off it and they fight the Rangers. Tooldrone grabs the Wrecker Zord's arm with its wrench hands and tries to crush it, but the Jet Zord opens fire, knocking Tooldrone away. The Delta Gigadrone and Tooldrone are finally destroyed by the Beast-X Megazord and the Striker Megazord respectively.

Powers and Abilities

  • Delta Model Deployment: Tooldrone can deploy a Delta Model Gigadrone out of its back.


  • Crushing Hands: Tooldrone's wrenched-shaped hands were capable of potentially crushing the Wrecker Zord.
    • Laser Blasts: Tooldrone could fire red-orange lasers from its hands.


  • Tooldrone is not voiced.

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