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Tongue and Cheek is the twenty-fourth episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm.


Dustin's fame as the Yellow Ranger gets to his head, causing a rift between him and Shane. They eventually make peace with each other and defeat Lothor's latest monster Slob Goblin.


After stopping a vandalism attempt at Storm Chargers, Dustin gains fame as a solo Ranger. At the skate park, Shane tries to impress the media with a fancy trick. But when Slob Goblin and Kelzaks attack, Dustin hogs the attention of the media, angering Shane. Slob Goblin leaves and captures the Thunder Rangers, who were on their way to visit their adopted grandma. At Ninja Ops, Dustin's ego worsens the rift between him and the Rangers. When Slob Goblin resurfaces, he decides to go it alone again. After Tori is captured, Dustin and Shane make up and work together to destroy Slob Goblin. As usual, the monster is revived and turned into a giant. First, the Megazord uses the Super Stamp to free all of Slob Goblin's captives. Then it uses the Samurai Star to destroy him for good.



  • Blake and Hunter do not appear morphed in this episode (although they attempt to morph before getting captured by Slob Goblin).
  • Triforia is mentioned by Marah and Kapri they say "The boys from Triforia area three times as cute as Earth". This is an obvious throwback to Trey of Triforia, the original Gold Ranger who split into three.
    • They also mention acquiring a Dilithium Crystal, which is a reference to "Star Trek" as Dilithium is a fuel source used by Federation Starships.
  • Lothor breaks the 4th wall in this episode when he looks into the camera lens says, "What did you expect? He wasn't going to get smaller."
  • Mark Wright (already known for voicing Amphibidor, Bopp-a-roo, and Mr. Ratwell) makes an appearance as the businessman in this episode.
  • Power Sphere 13: Super Stamp is introduced.
  • In reference to There's No "I" In Team, Dustin tries to act alone to beat a monster, and learns teamwork is the only key way to victory.

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