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Tomorrow Research (トゥモローリサーチ Tōmorō Risāchi) is a company and compound that the Timerangers form in order to make a cover in the 21st century after they become stranded together in the past. The company is devised by Tatsuya Asami after he likewise decides to abandon his own household out of his desire to make a life beyond his father and work with the stranded agents. Case File 2: The Unseen Future Case File 3: Acceleration of Dreams

The intent of Tomorrow Research is to be hired to do various jobs based on the specialties of the team, though several activities they tend to work together upon. Each member of the Timerangers partake in a different specialties that assist the company as well as take advantage of their own abilities:

  • Tatsuya uses his training in martial arts to teach karate and martial arts.
  • Yuri uses her skills as a police officer to perform investigations.
  • Ayase uses his skills as a driver to be a vehicle instructor.
  • Sion uses his knowledge in computers and technology to be a technology expert.
  • Domon, without any general specialty, originally wanted to work at teaching self-defense, but due to the lack of students, he instead works in advertising and promotion of the company.

The facility used by the team has multiple rooms for both work and living quarters for each member of the team. Sion generally doesn't use his outside his week of Hubbardian hibernation. Case File 38: Good Night Case File 39: A Lie Soaked in Rain


TR News on the web

Doc and Navi read an article of the Tomorrow Research News blog.

In this series, Tomorrow Research is still in business and has spun off into branches that can be found in shopping districts and has a news blog website simply titled Tomorrow Research News.

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