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The Black Dino Thunder Ranger is Dr. Thomas "Tommy" Oliver.
#REDIRECT [[Tommy Oliver]]
A veteran Ranger who was a Red, Green, and White Ranger in the past, became the Black Ranger. Once he stole the Black Dino Gem from Mesogog, he bonded with it, to become the Black Ranger.
The Black Ranger had the ability of Invisibility and Super Dino Mode. Black Ranger has control over the Brachio Zord. Its weapons are the Brachio Morpher, Brachio Staff, and Dino ATV.
He is fossilized and was later freed, but became stuck in Ranger form. However, he was able to demorph, but was trapped in his invisible form. With help from Hayley, Tommy became visible, but was placed in a coma where he was forced to fight for his life with in his own mind. He battles against his past selves. First is the Red Zeo Ranger, then 2nd he fights the White Mighty Morphin Ranger, then last is the old Mighty Green Ranger. Tommy finds that it was a test of will and he was not fighting them, he was fighting for his life and that he passes the test. He also uses his Super Dino Mode.
==Brachio Morpher==
This is the morpher of the Black Ranger. It was created by Hayley for Tommy, when he discovered a new Dino Gem in the area.
==Brachio Staff==
The Brachio Staff is the weapon of the Black Ranger. Not only did the staff serve as a powerful hand to hand weapon. It has three modes; including: Wind Strike, Earth Strike, and Fire Strike. All three modes have intense power. It also can release a powerful energy orb.

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