World of the Coinless
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"He'll leave you. He'll turn his back. He'll JOIN them. ...When you're truly ready to rule Earth... When you realize I'm right... THEN you will see me."
―Lord Drakkon (as a disembodied voice) cautioning Rita Repulsa in her interest of her universe's Tommy Oliver as the Green Ranger and foreshadowing his arrival.[src]

"...Because I was never really there. (The Black Dragon)...was nothing but a vessel. From my plane."
―Lord Drakkon (addressing Rita Repulsa) following the destruction of the Black Dragon.[src]

"Sure I do, Tommy. After all, you are nothing more... than my lesser self."
―Lord Drakkon speaking to his younger, alternate self[src]

"It's time... to set things right. We will invade their worlds, and we will tear down everything that might protect them. And then when it's too late, when they're powerless and alone, they will realize the truth: they could've been gods."
―His declaration of war against the Power Rangers[src]

"You small minded fool! You would destroy what's left of existence, simply to keep me from being what I was destined for! From having what you never could?!"
―Lord Drakkon berating Tommy before his presumed death.[src]

"They are coming."
―Drakkon, after escaping the void and landed to the prime Earth.[src]

"Oh, yes...LORD DRAKKON has returned."
―Drakkon, upon Morphing for the first time after regaining his powers from the Empyreals.[src]

Lord Drakkon[1] is the primary antagonist during the Shattered Grid event of the Boom! Studios comic book series. He was the supervillainous, tyrannical, and evil older counterpart of Tommy Oliver who hails from an alternate reality where he reigned over a technologically-advanced, dystopian Angel Grove as its oppressive ruler with his army of Ranger Sentries.


Diverging Path

Lord Drakkon's earlier history follows the same events as the Tommy Oliver from the prime continuity up until his climatic final battle against the Red Ranger of his timeline, Jason Lee Scott. In this pivotal event, Tommy was freed from Rita's curse, but instead of allying with Zordon and his Rangers, he fled, wandering from city to city while evading pursuit from the Power Rangers. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Search Party

Eventually, Tommy is intercepted by Rita who persuades him to her cause with tales of a young man named Drakkon, in whom she saw potential as he forged his legacy under her guidance. Tommy, intrigued, left with Rita and continued to serve her. Believing Rita meant to better the world through conquest, Tommy aided Rita in taking over the Earth, one city at a time. As their conquest continued, much of Earth's population began to embrace Rita's rule.

Eventually, Tommy led Rita's forces into one final battle against Zordon's last battalion of Rangers and Zords just as Zordon was on the verge of creating a new Power Ranger more powerful than any before. Tommy breached the Command Center as Jason was being infused with this new power, interrupting the process before it could finish. The two engaged in one final battle that Tommy ultimately won. Tommy then stole the new power for himself, and emerged from the Command Center clutching Jason's shattered helmet.

Tommy and his forces then defeated the Power Rangers, destroyed their Zords, and successfully conquered the Earth in Rita's name. However, immediately after the Rangers were vanquished and Rita taught him her spells, such as brainwashing, the sorceress (who was too trusting of her subordinates, unlike her counterpart) was met with an unforeseen outcome, namely Tommy becoming so corrupted that he sought to control the world by himself. While vowing to continue Rita's work, Tommy killed her; thus removing her as a potential obstacle, and gained the loyalty of Finster, who he turned into the cyborg Finster 5, using Alpha 5's body parts.

Now rechristened Lord Drakkon, Tommy drew upon the Power Coin energies to create Ranger Sentries, each serving a specific role in his army. However, he lacked Billy's coin, as Trini hid it away. The former Rangers and those who were against Tommy's rule formed the resistance group The Coinless. Unknown to Drakkon, Skull had infiltrated his army as a Tyrannosaurus sentry.

Ever since the death of Billy and Matthew Cook by Drakkon’s regime, Kimberly Ann Hart began her solo quest for vengeance against the dark lord Ranger. However, Drakkon managed to brainwash her with one of Rita’s brainwashing spells quickly, turning her into his brainwashed Ranger Slayer.

Defeat and Capture

Lord Drakkon loses his powers.

Lord Drakkon was overconfident after defeating The Coinless and capturing his alternate self along with Billy and the alternate Trini. However, Billy and Trini collaborated a plan to use his alternate timeline counterpart's Power Coin and created an energy burst that zapped both Drakkon and his Ranger Sentries by modifying the teleportation function. The energy blast released from the morpher during this tactic broke Drakkon's power coin, leaving Drakkon in a brief state of shock and insecurity at the loss of his power. He then tries to goad his counterpart, speaking of how friendship is weakness and Tommy's friends will eventually fail him when he needs them most. Tommy refuses to listen and battles Drakkon. After Tommy's friends find him, rather than face defeat, Drakkon jumps off a cliff to what Tommy believes is his death.

But Drakkon survives and the energy of the portal returning the Power Rangers home tugs him into their universe, where he wakes up in a mountainous region somewhere and is suddenly captured by soldiers of the US Government.

Billy's curiosity is rewarded with a startling discovery...

In Issue 23, it is revealed that Drakkon was apprehended by the soldiers to a special underground holding cell in Grace Sterling's Promethea complex. Here, he was kept on energy restraints and isolated from the outside world with armed guards outside keeping anyone from gaining entry. That is, until he got an unexpected visit from one of the people who defeated him, Billy Cranston. Billy teleported inside out of curiosity to find out why the Promethea facility's power substation was only at half of its total output and what there would require so much energy to maintain, only to come face to face with Drakkon in his cell.

He then proceeds to taunt Billy, who declares that he is not afraid of Drakkon. Grace later on reveals that she had captured the rogue former dictator, and that in the months of his captivity by Promethea that he took a perverse pleasure in regailing the former red ranger with the details what he'd done in his native timeline, the rangers he'd slaughtered, and more. Later, Saba came to execute the madman, but failed, and Drakkon then ripped Saba's head off, using the remains of the weapon along with an incantation he presumably learned from his dimension's Rita to create a portal to escape his prison.

Shattered Grid

"You may know me as Tommy Oliver. You may know me as the Green Ranger. But I’m not the man you know. I am a man from a different reality. I conquered my Earth, and became someone infinitely more powerful. I am Lord Drakkon. Now I’m coming back to this world to conquer the Power Rangers here and everywhere else, wherever and whenever they’re hiding. And that’s... just the beginning."
―Monologue for Shattered Grid trailer[src]
"So many Rangers... so much potential... squandered for so long."
―Drakkon observing all the Power Rangers in existence and surmising they wasted their power to become gods on seemingly trivial heroics.[src]

Lord Drakkon meets with the main universe Ninjor and tricks him into re-powering him.

Lord Drakkon murdering his Mighty Morphin counterpart

Escaping from his prison, Drakkon made his way to where Ninjor was hiding and convinced him to repair his damaged morpher, leaving the warrior unaware of what he had just done. Sneaking into the Command Center, he stole the Chaos Green Crystal behind Billy and Trini's back. To refuel it, Drakkon ambushed and ran Tommy through the back. Despite the arrival of Kimberly and the Time Force Pink Ranger, Drakkon escaped, leaving Kimberly to grieve as Tommy seemingly died in her arms. Drakkon returned to his world, reunited with his army and had a heartfelt reunion with Finster 5, while revealing that he had also captured Ninjor.

Encounter with the HyperForce Rangers

Despite Drakkon's defeat, his world wasn't affected at all and the Coinless continued the fight to liberate their world. When the HyperForce Rangers were drawn into this universe, they attempted to help out the rebellion against Drakkon's army. In spite of the fact that Scorpina had no interest in allying with Drakkon and planned to use Serpentera to destroy the West Coast, their attempt to rescue the civilians trapped in New Tech City failed and led the two to come face to face with a repowered Lord Drakkon.

When Lord Drakkon arrives at the camp, he asks the Hyperforce Rangers to help him regain Serpentera from Scorpina. Naturally, they refuse to help him. He gives them two choices: help him, but if not, someone dies. Eddie and Chloe, who couldn't stand Drakkon, drew their weapons on him. By doing so, Drakkon's Tyrannosaurus sentries point their weapons at them. Marv intervenes to stop Chloe, who, at this point, is disturbed over what happened with the people they tried to rescue. Marv then tries to calm down Chloe and Eddie. To make matters worse, the Tyrannosaurus sentries bring in prisoners which include Colonel Song, Scout Fintch, Major Cloushi, and Private Rice. A Tyrannosaurus Sentry drags Private Rice to Drakkon. At that, Chloe and Eddie put down their weapons, but at that very moment Drakkon decides to decapitate Private Rice, much to the horror of the Rangers. They attempt to stop him from killing Colonel Song when the Tyrannosaurus Sentry brings her to Drakkon, which results in Marv trying to negotiate with Drakkon and telling him that they will assist him in regaining Serpentera. At that moment Eddie brings down his Trident between Song and Drakkon while Chloe brings up her bow ready to shoot at the Tyrannosaurus Sentries only for Marv to intervene again. The Tyrannosaurus Sentries then bring their spears at Eddie's neck. Vesper then tells Marv that they can disable Serpentera only for Marv to tell her that they can't beat Drakkon.

Marv tells Chloe that he is also upset but Chloe, who is emotionally upset at these recent events, wants to fight back only for Marv to tell her that they will lose due to this being Drakkon's world. Marv tries to negotiate with Drakkon only for him to order his Tyrannosaurus Senties to execute everyone except for Song. Marv, in an act of pure desperation, calls on his zord to once again negotiate with Drakkon. As a result, Marv is successful in negotiating with Drakkon and Drakkon releases everyone except for Song who he keeps as a hostage. At that moment a Tyrannosaurus Sentry puts on a explosive Collar on Song to make sure the Hyper Force Rangers help him. On the way to Serpentera, the Rangers try to formulate a plan on how to stop this. When they arrive at Serpentera, they then approach several guard towers stationed with Sabertooth and Mammoth Sentries. Drakkon orders them to stand down only for them to ignore him. In response, he destroys them.

After fighting the sentries, they reach Scorpina, who makes small talk with Drakkon only for her to try to kill him with Sabertooth sentries. However, Scorpina and the sentries end up being taken down by Drakkon's Tyrannosaurus Sentries and himself. While this is going on, the Hyperforce Rangers, who are in the back of the fight, plan their next move. Scorpina then radios her Sentries to attack the nearby town. The Rangers then split into two teams: Marv and Vesper will stay with Drakkon while the rest try to save the town. During the fight inside Serpentera, Drakkon kicks Scoprina to the top of the zord while Marv follows Drakkon and Vesper stays inside to regain Serpentera's controls. During the fight with Scorpina, Drakkon manages to grab Scoprina by her neck while Marv handcuffs her. Then Drakkon decides to betray the HyperForce Rangers by removing Marv's Morpher at the exact moment Scorpina, with her remaining strength, wraps herself around Drakkon with her legs. By doing so, Drakkon lets go of Marv, then falls back into Serpentera. When he reaches the cockpit of Serpentera, he drops a unconscious Scorpina and attacks Vesper but he was too late: Serpentera was on a collision course into the ocean. Before he could finish Vesper off, Eddie blindly teleports inside Serpentera with the intent of rescuing Vesper. Drakkon decides to attack both Rangers but Vesper jumps in front of Drakkon. Drakkon then uses the back of the Saba blade to attack them, in which during the teleportation, he manages to cut off Vesper's arm. As soon as the Rangers were teleported out of the zord, Serpentera crashes. However, Drakkon emerges unharmed from the crash. A Tyrannosaurus Sentry then reports that Serpentera will be repaired and operational within a month.

Attacking the Other Rangers

Despite the setback, Drakkon pushed forward with his plans, starting with invading the era of the Samurai Rangers. The ensuing battle saw all of the Rangers except Lauren Shiba defeated at Drakkon's hands. Capturing their Samuraizers, Finster 5 was able to transfer some of their power to Drakkon, granting him a new form and a substantial boost. Finster 5 then revealed that using more Morphers from the same type would be too dangerous, but, thanks to the Morphing Grid separating all of the other teams away from the main timeline due to Drakkon's actions, there was now an entire multiverse to invade. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 26

Lord Drakkon murdering his Zeo counterpart

He soon targeted five other universes. In the universe holding the Zeo Rangers, Drakkon captured that universe's Tommy and disguised himself as him around the time they bid Jason farewell following his time as the Gold Ranger. He became disgusted and enraged at how much the team worshipped him and revealing he stole Adam's Zeonizer before murdering that era's Tommy. In the universe holding the B-Squad Rangers, Drakkon is overwhelmed and forced to retreat as he underestimated how strong the team was despite being rookies, barely escaping being trapped by R.I.C. 3.0. In the universe holding the Ranger Operators, a robotic duplicate sneaks its way inside Corinth with the intent on taking it over. However, it makes the mistake of talking to Doctor K over her creation of Venjix. K, already angry at her team's attempt to celebrate her birthday, reacted violently and destroyed the robot, implying that she would have killed Drakkon had he not sent in a robot. In the universe holding the Space Rangers, Drakkon is able to board the Astro Megaship, taking over DECA and murdering Alpha 6. In his attack, he ambushes and launches T.J. Johnson into space as the other Rangers are stuck inside. In the universe holding the Ninja Steel Rangers, Drakkon confronts Brody Romero and attempts to steal his Ninja Battle Morpher. However, Brody destroys it and damages his Ninja Star, leading to Drakkon to take a piece of it, though Brody is able to get both repaired. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2018 Annual

Lord Drakkon with the Psycho Rangers, A-Squad Rangers, and Koragg The Knight Wolf.

As Zordon tried to rally the other Ranger teams, Drakkon had his armies not only assault the In Space, SPD, RPM and Ninja Steel worlds again, but turned his attention to the worlds of the Galaxy Rangers, Dino Rangers, Dino Charge Rangers, Lightspeed Rangers and Jungle Fury Rangers, at the very least capturing the Dino Morphers used by Conner McKnight, Ethan James and Dr. O. However, all was not well with Drakkon as he found himself disturbed by the fact that the Zeo Rangers seemingly loved their world's Tommy, still not seeing what made him so great. When news that the forces of Corinth were fighting back and had found a way to nullify the effects of the Dragon Cannons, Drakkon decided to power himself up further, then lead the charge, seemingly aided by Koragg, The Knight Wolf, the A-Squad Rangers and the Psycho Rangers. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 27 The battle leads to him taking over Corinth as the Jason, Lauren and the Ranger Operators are forced to abandon the city. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 28

As the Rangers start marshaling their forces, Lord Drakkon murders Skull for his betrayal in rescuing Ninjor before learning of Ranger Slayer's location. Drakkon contacts her, only to have it pointed out that she's been freed from her brainwashing and leaves her stranded in the past before going to power himself up further. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Go Go Power Rangers Issue 11Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 29 As the Rangers of the multiverse attack Drakkon's moon base, Drakkon has Saba enhanced using the shard of Brody's Ninja Star and the morphers from other Tommys before attacking the Rangers. He's able to temporarily nullify a number of Rangers' powers before Kimberly strikes him with the Dragon Dagger. Suddenly, he finds himself being weakened and returns to his throne room to find Zordon, Cruger and Rita there, Rita using the Green Candle to steal his powers. However, Finster-5 ambushes the trio and tries to save Drakkon, but when he becomes gravely concerned about his desire to use all the morphers in his possession, Drakkon murders him. He then hooks himself up to the device and fully empowers himself.Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 30

Rise and Fall of a God

With his newfound powers, Drakkon enters the Morphin Grid and dispatches the Emissaries Three before finding and taking the Heart of the Master, using it to destroy the multiverse and create a brand new world. In this world, Drakkon is a Superman-like figure with Zordon and Rita as his parents and Cruger as his dog. His city is protected by Jen and Lauren, Billy is a mechanic, Finster-5 is his loyal butler, Zack and Trini are reporters and Kimberly a lowly waitress. However, Drakkon soon finds himself being haunted by a specter of Tommy, taunting him and telling him that he knows this world is wrong and that he's a pathetic man for creating it. This allows his grip on the world to weaken enough so that Tommy can resurrect himself and rescue the Emissaries before rescuing his teammates.

As Tommy gathers the team along with Jen and Lauren, Drakkon realizes something is terribly wrong and confronts the Rangers, leading to a titanic struggle that ends with Tommy grabbing the Heart of the Master. The two get pulled inside the Heart, battling briefly before Tommy defeats him, telling him that the reason he lost was because he couldn't stomach the idea that, in an entire multiverse of Tommys, he was the only one who was evil. With Drakkon pulled away from the Heart, his world began to fall apart. Tommy offered him a chance to survive and come with him, but Drakkon refused, staying with his broken world as it collapsed around him, presumably ending him once and for all.Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Finale Issue 1


When Drakkon broke reality, it caused the Promethea to be temporarily tossed out of the multiverse part of the Morphin Grid and into the disconnected universe known as the Void. While unintentional, this helped lead to the defeat of the deranged morphing master known as Preator and restore a spark of life to the dying universe. (Beyond the Grid)

After "The Shattering", fragments of the Grid's power were scattered through the universe. This unintentionally created the Empowered, people with tremendous energy they could use for destruction. The Blue Emissary recruited Jason, Trini and Zack as the Omega Rangers to track down the Empowered; trapping the dangerous one and training the reluctant ones who didn't want their new powers to hurt anyone. Unfortunately Kiya, fourth member of the Omega Rangers, caught a glimpse of Tommy Oliver, now the White Ranger, causing her to snap at the Grid memory of Drakkon. Despite the Blue Emissary explaining Drakkon was the only anomaly of the Tommy Olivers in the multiverse, Kiya had fallen too far into her paranoia and deluded herself into thinking that the Rangers were creating a new Drakkon, ultimately killing the Blue Emissary and vowing to exterminate the Power Rangers.


Drakkon's return.

Unbeknownst to all, Drakkon was not in fact dead, instead trapped in the void of his broken world. After some time, he encountered an unknown force, which so terrified him that he desperately attempted to escape. He was ultimately successful by way of a mysterious bargain, which Drakkon was apparently unhappy with, and arrived back in the primary universe shortly after Tommy had become the White Ranger. His arrival was mistaken for a meteor, which the Rangers were sent to investigate with his arrival was also observed by Lord Zedd of the main universe. Visibly aged and unstable, he attacked the Rangers, actually managing to overpower several of them before being beaten down by Tommy and captured.

Zordon elected not to immediately return Drakkon to his world, as he was concerned that one so powerful would be frightened of anyone and thus could be an even bigger threat and decided to hold him in a cell under the Command Center until they knew more. Tommy refused to even speak to his alternate counterpart, while Billy would be charged with performing a medical examination of Drakkon, scanning for any dimensional contaminants or anomalies in his physiology. Remembering Shattered Grid and knowing that they did not, since the universe was effectively reset by the Heart of the Master during Beyond the Grid, he taunted them whilst trying to instil doubt and fear and withholding his information.

It was later revealed that the mysterious entity that he had run into in the void was a demented being known as The Empyreal who, unlike Drakkon, believed not in remaking the universe in his image but wiping planets clean of life and replacing it with his own form of life. When the Omega Rangers came to Earth to inform Zordon of what happened, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers confronted Drakkon to find out what the Empyreal is and how to stop it but he just brushed them off since he loved toying with them and they had no bargaining power. Unfortunately for Zordon, the Omega Rangers were dissatisfied with Zordon basically telling them "we'll get the information from him eventually so go away" and stole Drakkon out of his cell which led Zordon to declare them enemies of the Power Rangers. After the Omega Rangers learn that Lord Drakkon came in contact with an Empyreal, the Omega Rangers free him in order for him to assist them.

The Black Dragon’s Revenge

It turned out that Drakkon was playing the long game as he secretly was being ordered around by the Empyreals via a telepathic link, which is partially what made him mentally unstable as if he defied orders he would be hit with a psychic blast causing him great pain. He bargained with them long before he met the Power Rangers, and was promised that if he led the Omega Rangers into a trap with the Yellow Emissary, he would have his Power Coin again. Breaking free of his manacles, he gave the Empyreals their location and in return was freed from their service and given his morpher back.

As the Omegas were trying to defend the Yellow Emissary, they requested XI for an escape away from two Empyreal attackers. Drakkon used this as an opportunity to attack XI so the Rangers could not escape, morphing once again into his Black Dragon Ranger form. He defeats XI as the robot tries to kill him and then impales his eye, tormenting him with the possibility of a slow, painful death. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 11 He tossed XI's remains into Jason as the Omega Rangers were trying to escape, leaving them stranded on the Yellow Emissary's devastated planet. Drakkon later spoke to Trini only for him to give her a chance to thank him for leaving a transporter in XI's body on purpose. Drakkon had rescued the Horrid and used them to try and save the universe, which Trini called it noble. However, Drakkon states he did it only because he wanted to defeat the Omega Rangers himself. Trini told Drakkon that it's not too late to come back and find a way to work together again. Though he wanted to trust Trini, Drakkon asked the Yellow Omega Ranger that does he have a word "Idiot" stamped on his forehead which made her laugh and reminded Drakkon that he doesn't have to be who he was.

Video game appearances

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

Lord Drakkon is among the villains who feature in Power Rangers Legacy Wars,he is a Legendary (Leader), Legendary (Assist) character.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Lord Drakkon appears in his default and Evolution II forms, with an additional alternate color scheme for each. There are no differences in terms of combat between the forms. A revised Evolution III (different from its comic book appearance) is used by Lord Drakkon in story mode during the final fight in Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. He uses his Saba Sword and Dragon Dagger primarily as his weapons.

Puzzle and Dragons

Lord Drakkon in Puzzle and Dragons

As part of the collaboration by Hasbro in a limited game event, LordDrakkon was an unlockable character in Puzzle and Dragons.


  • 20 Turns ( 20 Turns at Lv.1 ),This card can be used as assist.

Leader Skill

  • God & Devil type cards ATK x4.
  • All attribute cards ATK x3 when reaching 3 combos or above.
  • Deal ATK x200 damage to all enemies after every orbs elimination. Ignores enemy element, but can be reduced by enemy defense down to 0 damage.


This version of Tommy is tyrannical and a sadist, ruling over his subjects with an iron fist, possessing a twisted vision of the world with a fiendish god complex. He is an out-and-out fascist, believing in totalitarianism and controlling the populace through propaganda, fear, and violence. He believes that by taking absolute control of the world, he has saved the world since his Ranger Sentries prevent alien factions such as the Machine Empire, United Alliance of Evil, and Galaxy Warriors from attacking and invading or destroying the Earth.

Drakkon detests any connection that he has of his alternate-reality self, considering him to be a polluted and weak shadow of the powerful image of himself that he has cultivated. His hatred of this connection he has, no matter how distant, shows that his rage and contempt spans the multiverse, which paints him as being truly a dark mirror of the man that his alternate and younger self is striving to become. In many ways, Drakkon represents the absolute worst fears that Tommy from the main universe has about himself. Tommy is calculating, manipulative, and cunning, using his knowledge of the Power Rangers to systematically weaken them and destroy the Command Center.

Tommy after ruthlessly killing Jason, and his rise as Lord Drakkon.

He is also very murderous, remorseless, merciless, and horrifically cruel, as the remains of the Command Center in his world showed heavy damage as did all of the Ranger's Zords and his words to Billy and Tommy about them not "staying long" in his world implies he intended to kill them. A flashback revealed he had killed his world's Jason off-panel after taking away Jason's White Ranger powers and fusing them with his Green Ranger power, while carrying the fallen Red Ranger's cracked helmet in his hand after morphing into his new fused form. It is also implied he murdered the Billy Cranston of his world when the Blue Ranger shielded Trini from an attack meant for her. In Issue #15, he is shown also slaying Alpha 5, Zordon, Ninjor and, when still working under Rita as the Green Ranger, decapitating the Blue Senturion. Given his reaction, he feels zero remorse or any kind of feeling from taking innocent lives.

He is also an abusive and heartless leader to his subordinates, as he regularly punishes a simple mistake or failure from his Ranger Sentries by stripping them of their powers with a very painful electrocution via a switch on his throne. He then orders the failed Sentry to be sent away, or even killed, and then bestows their Ranger power to a more competent soldier.

Lord Drakkon from SG Poster.png

His sense of superiority is clearly connected to his immense powers, due to the hybridization of the Green Dragon and White Tiger power coins giving him unparalleled power compared to other Rangers of considerable might, such as his reality's Jason Scott. However, when he was finally stripped of his powers, he was clearly in a state of shock, if not traumatized by having the source of his power taken from him. This is due to him having relied on them for so long, to the point of deluding himself into thinking he had reached the pinnacle of invincibility. He quickly recovered, however, and soon resorted to using psychological warfare against his alternate self, displaying a clear and astute understanding of how to demoralize his enemies by targeting their insecurities. This trait and skill may have been something he was tutored in by his world's Rita, who has been prone to tormenting her enemies psychologically repeatedly in the past.

Drakkon is incredibly arrogant, believing that his hybridized powers made him superior to all other Rangers before and after him. His sense of superiority was so great that he voluntarily leaped into a gorge to what he presumably believed to be his death rather than be shamefully defeated and taken captive by his hated younger counterpart. This arrogance seems to grow into troubling signs of an insane god complex, as in the live action promotion for the Shattered Grid comic, Drakkon believes that all Power Rangers aside from himself have squandered their full potential and that he has fulfilled his by becoming a god.

Live Action Lord Drakkon from the Shattered Grid trailer

Though powerful, his strategic mind and actual fighting prowess paled in comparison to that of his younger self, as when the two were in their base forms, Drakkon did not dare to attack Tommy. This was likely due to him still being in a state of shock over the loss of his powers and being rendered entirely human as well as being comparatively outmatched by his younger self who was still in his physical prime. This shows that due to his over-reliance on his powers, Drakkon felt quite vulnerable and somewhat meek and cowardly without them. Adding to this is the fact that even when he had his powers restored he still chose to attack Tommy in an ambush instead of a head-on attack.

Of the many disturbing aspects of his psyche, his interactions with the Ranger Slayer Kimberly Hart from his universe may be the most depraved of them all. Having brainwashed her, it is implied that he has maintained a long term relationship with Kim in this controlled and manipulated state of mind. When her protestations of his murder of his younger alternate tipped him off to her having been freed from his control, the roiling resentment and hatred from everything he has taken from her comes burning to the surface, and the loathing between the two shows in all its hideous fury.

At his core, however, Drakkon's actions were fundamentally motivated by fear and anger at the revelation of his true role in the multiverse; despite protesting that he was stronger than any of the Power Rangers, he was privately troubled by the fact that, in every reality he had seen with a Tommy Oliver, he was the only Tommy Oliver to choose the path of evil, suggesting that he was the anomaly rather than his counterparts. His desire to prove his superiority was reflected in the world he created after he accessed the Morphing Grid, setting himself up as the hero while all other Rangers were just his servants at best, as though he wanted to prove that he could do everything his counterparts had done. In the final confrontation between himself and the first Tommy Oliver he encountered, Tommy turned Drakkon's psychological manipulation back on itself, informing his other self that he was stronger because he had people he could rely on whereas Drakkon had always been alone.

Lord Drakkon (Evolution III) from SG Poster.png

Drakkon's reality showed much of his personality: in his newly constructed world, he appeared as a teenager, with none of the physical symptoms of his overpowered form, such as prominent black and purple veins bulging out from his flesh, and his hair no longer being prematurely gray. He was still living with his "parents" in this reality, along with his younger form indicated that Drakkon had never truly grown up. In many ways, he was still a scared, vulnerable, and terrified teenage boy who ran towards power to hide the hole in his heart caused by fear, loneliness, and self-hatred. Despite possessing the powers of a god, Drakkon was still just a boy with the trappings of a man and the power of a god. One of the biggest problems with talking to Drakkon is that, whenever he is either not being pretentious or gloating, he is usually attempting to manipulate people to his own whim and is very good at doing this.

Upon his return from oblivion, Drakkon appeared to be a shadow of the man he was. Visibly deranged and rabid, he communicated with visions inside his own head, and seemed to doubt that anything around him was real after his encounter with The Empyreal drove him batty. He communicated with an apparent delusion of Saba he had conjured up, seemingly using him to reinforce his beliefs about himself and others.


Lord Drakkon's Ideal World


Ranger Costume

This is Tommy's default Ranger form as given to him by Rita Repulsa through the Power Coin.

Powers and Abilities


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"Mysterious Ranger" (Lord Drakkon).

Lord Drakkon (Feral)

Drakkon (as Tommy) acquired this form after seizing the White Ranger powers from Jason and merged them with his Green Ranger powers.

Upon recovering his morpher and Power Coin from the Empyreals, his Ranger suit took on an even more sinister appearance with his shield and half of the mask covered in a red and black aura, having been damaged in an attempt to morph while held by the Empyreal.

Powers and Abilities


  • High Level Intellect/Manipulation Master: Lord Drakkon is an extremely intelligent individual, manipulating both Rita of the regular continuity and Rita from the World of The Coinless as well as convincing WOTC Finster to work under him and undergo fusion with Alpha 5.
  • Voice Projection: It was revealed that Lord Drakkon had been controlling his Black Dragon and likely speaking through it in Issue 9.
  • Reality Manipulation: Upon achieving his final evolution, Drakkon gained the power to wholly or partially modify the universe.


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  • Power Overload: Drakkon first poisoned himself when he fused his Green Ranger powers with the White Ranger powers, which were created from the pure light of good. It wouldn't be until he began his quest to create his ideal world that Drakkon began to make his condition worse due to his lust for power. After adding the Samurai and Zeo powers, Drakkon got stronger but at the cost of his body's biological structure weakening to the point of approaching failure due to the sheer strain of maintaining so many power sets at once.
  • Megalomania: Lord Drakkon has shown himself to be massively egotistical and narcissistic, believing himself to be superior to any Ranger and a living god. This overconfidence has led to him underestimating his opponents, the most notable being the Red Ninja Steel Ranger during his battle with him.



Lord Drakkon (Evo I)

After Drakkon attacked Lauren Shiba's Samurai team in the splintered timeline, he had Finster 5 fuse the Samurai powers to his existing power set, with accompanying Blue Samurai sentries to command.

Powers and Abilities


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Lord Drakkon after getting Zeo powers

After Drakkon attacked, kidnapped, and murdered the splintered Zeo counterpart of Tommy in that timeline, he had Finster 5 fuse the Zeo powers as well as other powersets to his existing powers, with accompanying Green Zeo sentries and Zord vehicles to command. These power sets were then imbued on him in the next transfer.

Later it is revealed he also had command of Gold Dino Charge, Silver Space and Rhino Jungle Fury sentries.

Powers and Abilities


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Evolution III

With Rita Repulsa having shaken the foundations of his power via the Green Candle with the magic of the Wizard of Deception, Drakkon decides to go ahead and use the Ninja Steel shard he took from Brody and mash it with all the remaining powersets, including those of the morphers he had already used, to attain his final form. This ultimate form was attained when Drakkon entered the Grid itself, seizing power from the Heart of the Master, giving him god-like powers that allowed him to reshape reality according to his will. In addition, in this form, Drakkon lacked the signs of physical degradation from his body struggling to contain the power he'd absorbed by fusing morphers together, such as his lack of pronounced veins in his body, and lack of prematurely graying temples. However, as his grip on his powers slipped as the prime universe Tommy Oliver managed to wear down Drakkon's mental stability and stamina, and managed to manifest again, Drakkon's appearance reverted to that of his original form, rather than the teenager he appeared as in his new reality.

Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes



The concept art for the "Mysterious Ranger" (Lord Drakkon).

  • Jamal Campbell's model art calls the Ranger simply by the name of "Mysterious Ranger" upon his first appearance.


to be added


  • In the 2017 Annual story Search Party, it is revealed that Tommy adopted the name 'Drakkon' from another of Rita's proteges from years past, from the 46th planet of the Toki System. Drakkon was also a warlord under the watchful eye of Rita.
  • Despite being in control of a Dragonzord, the overall design of the suit combines the appearance of both the original Green Ranger and the White Ranger.
  • He was announced in SDCC 2017 week as playable in Power Rangers Legacy Wars along with Black Dragon.
  • His first piece of merchandise is a bust by Pop Culture Studios.
  • Drakkon's Evolution I was named in solicitations for Goni Montez's SDCC cover for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 25. This continued for the next couple of suits.
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 5 credits lists the damaged version of Drakkon's character design as "Feral Drakkon". According to Ryan Parrott, this was because he tried to morph while the Empyreal was holding his face, scarring him and damaging his helmet. [3]


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