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"There's no time to waste! Leave the Mega Arrows here! Get back to work!"
―Robo Ranger Tommy when ordering around the Basherbots carrying the Mega Arrows to hide them from the Ninja Steel Rangers.[src]

"Who better to destroy the real Tommy Oliver than me?"
―Robo Tommy when confronting the real Tommy.[src]

"This copy's gonna kick your butt!"
―Robo Tommy ready to morph.[src]

―Robo Tommy reacting to Tommy about to morph into the White Ranger and his final words before his destruction.[src]

This version of Tommy Oliver was a Robo Ranger created by Lord Draven to serve as his second in command of sorts.


The technology for the Robo Rangers was obtained by Draven from Madame Odius sometime after the failure of the Foxatron and the end of the Galactic Ninjas. This version of Tommy was presumably created sometime between Tommy being captured and the Legendary Rangers locating Tommy's house in the woods with the Ninja Steel Rangers. It could not have been earlier as the episode told the viewers that they needed the Rangers in order to create a Robo Ranger version of them. The viewers first directly saw him outside of Tommy's house when Odius enchanted The Mega Arrows for Draven. He was then placed in charge of guarding the Rangers who were being used to create the Robo Ranger army which he failed at eventually when the non-captive Rangers broke in and freed their friends.

The destruction of Robo Tommy Oliver

Later, Robo Tommy ambushed the real Tommy and forced him into battle by morphing into Dino Thunder Black so Tommy changed into the same form but was easily defeated. He became Zeo Ranger V - Red and overpowered Robo Tommy with his Zeo V Power Sword although he was not destroyed so then became Mighty Morphin White who laid even more pain down on the Robo Ranger. Finally, Tommy morphed into the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger and fatally damaged his cheap copy with two energy slashes from the Dragon Dagger. He fled from the draining chamber seconds before a massive fireball consumed the room, making the end of this imitation.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength: Robo Tommy was strong enough to send the real Tommy flying with a single jump kick.
  • Robot Transformation: Robo Tommy can reveal his real robot form at will, as seen when he showed himself off to Odius.
  • Combat Skills: Robo Tommy is roughly on par with the original Tommy since he was able to match him in an unmorphed hand to hand combat brawl.
  • Dino Thunder Black Transformation: Robo Tommy could transform into his Ranger form just by violently posing.

Dino Thunder Black powers

  • Strength: On top of his regular powers, Robo Tommy is more stronger in his Ranger form since he was able to kick normal Tommy so hard that he flew into a wall and cracked his visor.
  • Durability: Multiple strikes from Saba, the Zeo V Power Sword, and the Dragon Dagger had little effect on him in this form.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Robo Tommy was even more of a skilled fighter than when he was unmorphed, since he defeated Tommy in his Dino Thunder Black form easily although he proved useless against his other Ranger forms.


  • Brachio Staff: Robo Tommy has his own version of Tommy's original Brachio Staff for him to use in combat. Unlike the original however, it was not shown to have any special powers and was merely used as a blunt force weapon.

Behind the Scenes

  • Like the real Tommy, Jason David Frank portrays the "cheap knock-off" as Tommy put it.
    • They were usually not seen together but when they were, good editing covered for them. Everything was either shot reverse shot, back of the head shots where the viewer could not clearly see the face of the body double, closeups, or distant shots.


  • Seeing as he never morphed into another form except for Dino Thunder Black, Robo Tommy was copied from Tommy's Dino Thunder powers.
    • It is technically unclear why as it was explicitly stated that they were copying the Ranger powers for the Robo Rangers and Tommy has his Master Morpher.
      • It probably goes by most recently assumed form as Dino Thunder Black was acquired in 2004 whilst the others were all attained between 1993 and 1996.

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