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"I am here to serve you, Wizard of Deception."
―Tom Oliver’s first words upon being created.[src]

"Hello, Tommy. Allow me to introduce myself. (...) I'm the Green Ranger!"
―Tom introducing himself to Tommy.[src]

"Let's face it. We all have our dark sides. (...) I am the Green Ranger. Only I'm more powerful than you, White Ranger. So, you gonna fight against yourself?"
―Tom Oliver reminding Tommy how he once had a dark side.[src]

"Dragonzord, we are now united by the forces of evil!"
―Tom Oliver after turning the Dragonzord evil.[src]

"I feel like such a fool. I can’t believe I let him control me. (...) I can't."
―Tom Oliver’s redemption after the Wizard of Deception’s demise.[src]

"I just can’t believe I was responsible for all of that destruction."
―Tom Oliver still feeling guilty for what he had done while under the Wizard of Deception's spell.[src]

"I think it’s time to shrink these guys back to size."
―Tom Oliver after defeating the Rat Monsters.[src]

"You don't have much of a choice. I'm a part of ya."
―Tom Oliver’s final words before Tommy left him in colonial Angel Grove.[src]

Tom Oliver was a Green Ranger clone of Tommy Oliver who served as the titular secondary antagonist of the three-part episode "Return of the Green Ranger".

Retroactively, Tom Oliver is also referred to as the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger or the 2nd Mighty Morphin Green Ranger though these are in reference to the show as opposed to proper labels.


With the Power Rangers contemplating what time period that they would like to be born into, Lord Zedd wishes for a world without the Power Rangers and that he can just send all of them back in time. As such, Rita uses the Ghost of Darkness to summon the Wizard of Deception who plans to clone team leader Tommy to lure the Power Rangers into a trap. After Tommy is knocked into a temporary coma during a battle with the Putty Patrol, the Wizard of Deception has cut out a lock of his hair and uses it to make an evil clone endued with the Green Ranger's powers. The plan is for the Wizard of Deception to banish five of the Power Rangers into the past and destroy Tommy with Tom so that they will be trapped there forever and Rita and Zedd can conquer the world.

The evil clone (henceforth referred to as Tom Oliver) later stands and leers at the real Tommy as he leaves to get rid of a headache caused by the knock-out spell that allowed the Wizard to get his hair. Standing in a bush-tree thing, he just chuckles maniacally about it before putting a straw in his mouth farmer style. Presently, after the Wizard of Deception and Zedd have a back and forth, Tom gives some passersby the evil eye and tricks the other Rangers into meeting him in an isolated spot on the outskirts of Angel Grove. Once there, he waits for them to arrive and gives the excuse that Zordon has told him to make them meet here. When Billy tries to contact Zordon to ask for further orders, Tom stops him because they've somehow been given orders and they agree. The Wizard of Deception then reveals himself and sends the Power Rangers back to colonial Angel Grove after Tom grabs Adam's arm to prevent him from morphing. With just Tommy is left in the present, Tom then confronts his real doppelgänger and reveals himself as the new Green Ranger. Tvicon TV STORY-Return of the Green Ranger-part I

As the Power Rangers hide from some redcoats, Tom and Tommy continue their stand-off with the former rebutting the idea that he should be good just because he is identical to Tommy. Whilst Rita and Zedd have a celebratory tango in the Moon Palace, and despite being evil, Tom offers Tommy the chance to just give up completely though he obviously refuses. When the Wizard of Deception appears and demand that they fight, Tommy and Tom happily morph and fight each other. The Wizard is pleased by this whilst the Tommys taunt each other and agree on something at last (that one can't exist without the other).

Tom ducks back from a Tommy kick though he dodges back from one as well. The former blocks and ducks a swing before blocking a full elbow strike hard enough to make sparks fly. He shoves it away and knee strikes but Tommy stops it just for Tom to block a sparky kick. Tom jumps over a swoop kick so Tommy lunges but his clone shoves it aside with an energized fist. They grab each other’s arms but Tommy kicks his clone flat though he also topples over and they both flip onto their feet. Tommy ducks under a high swing kick as does Tom and they do so four more times before going hand to hand and blocking each and every blow from one another with more sparks. Breaking apart, Tom spins under a swing and they clash fists twice more before more ducking backwards. Twirling Tom’s fist down, Tommy swoop kicks but his clone rockets into the air over to his master. Whilst the Rangers and their ally warn off a colonial version of Skull, the fight recommences off-screen. Tommy and Tom overly dramatically leap at each other before the latter ducks a swing kick and blocks two boots before they box again. Tommy ducks a swing kick, a regular kick, and even more before they punch each other away anyway. However, both stay down this time due to the Morphin Grid paradox so they taunt each other whilst on the ground. Sick of the stalemate, the Wizard of Deception cheats when he zaps Tommy with his wand which causes him to demorph and enter a temporary coma.

Regrouping, the Wizard of Deception informs Tom that they must obtain the Dragon Dagger and use it to summon the Dragonzord and destroy Angel Grove. Giving his minion the Dragon Power Coin, the Wizard then sends Tom to the Command Center to harass Zordon and make sure he knows who has beaten the Power Rangers. Arriving shortly after Alpha's search for the Power Rangers comes up short, he wants to deliver his message but Zordon demands that he reveal where the Power Rangers are so he agrees. Whilst the Power Rangers escape colonial Angel Grove with help from Uncle Ben, Zordon and Tom continue their argument. Zordon demands to know where the Power Rangers are but Tom just shrugs it off and cryptically says "history is repeating itself." Zordon tries to threaten him but realizes that he has nothing to back it up so Tom leaves though not before making a snide comment about Alpha. Returning to Angel Grove, Tom stands near a lake in Angel Grove Park where his master meets him and is told to attack Angel Grove with the Dragonzord whilst the Wizard of Deception goes into the past to deal with the other Power Rangers. Tvicon TV STORY-Return of the Green Ranger-part II

After the Wizard of Deception creates some Rat Monsters to terrorize the past, Tom summons his Zord and devastates the docks with its missiles and tail. With the Zord unleashed, the Wizard of Deception uses his magic to make it both evil and sentient whilst also giving it a massive power boost. When Tommy is revived, he summons his White Tigerzord to defend the city but the Dragonzord, energized by the Wizard's evil, soundly beats him. Tom then accompanies his master in confronting Tommy but the original feigns surrender and discovers what era his friends have been sent to. After Zordon tells him that the Wizard of Deception’s wand is the only way to time travel, Tommy then kicks the wand out of the Wizard’s hand. Kicking the Wizard aside, Tom lunges for it but Tommy grabs his arm. Tommy forces himself and Tom back before jumping straight over his doppelganger and grabbing the wand. Tommy then manages to steal the Wizard's wand, goes back to rescue the other Rangers, and brings them back to summon the Thunder Megazord and deal with the Dragonzord. Immediately after they form the Megazord, Tommy immediately destroys the Wizard with his own wand which breaks the spell on the Green Ranger whom he now calls Tom. Tom is sick with remorse and refuses to do anything but Tommy convinces him that he could still do good. Tom reluctantly breaks the spell on the Dragonzord and sends him back to the sea for good before the Thunder Saber can obliterate it.

Depressed, Tom collapses to his knees and bemoans his evil actions but Tommy reassures him that he is not a terrible person. Cheered up, Tom accompanies Tommy back in time to colonial Angel Grove to defeat the Rat Monsters. They arrive just as the three Rat Monsters manage to corner the entire town populace by some stage coaches and immediately get to work. Tom jumps up and glides sideways to send the first one flat on its backside. Once Tommy defeats the other two monsters, Tom then grabs the first one by the arm, hauls it to its feet and adds it to the pile. After Tommy returns them to being normal rats, Tom decides to stay in colonial Angel Grove so he can do some good things for the citizens after it is decided that both Tommys could not exist in present-day Angel Grove at the same time due to a paradox or something. He gives Tommy the Green Ranger Power Coin and lives out the rest of his days in colonial Angel Grove. Tvicon TV STORY-Return of the Green Ranger-part III


"So you see, I know all about you. All your secrets and weaknesses. So why don’t you just make it easier on yourself and surrender to me?"
―Tom Oliver's initial cold and ruthless personality as the evil Green Ranger.[src]

Tom Oliver started out as an irredeemably evil and violent psychopath absolutely loyal to the Wizard of Deception and by extension Rita and Zedd. He was extremely hostile and provocative towards the real Tommy Oliver and took great joy in putting him into a temporary coma. In spite of this, Tom Oliver was reasonable to some degree since he offered Tommy the chance to surrender prior to their battle. After the Wizard of Deception's demise, Tom felt immense regret in what he had done and teamed up with Tommy to decimate the Rat Monsters created by his former master and trapped himself in the past to keep the timeline consistent.

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Appearances MMPR S2 Episodes 45, 46

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  • The character is mostly referred to as the "Green Ranger" within the episodes he appears. "Tom" is a fanon nickname to further differentiate him from Tommy. It comes from one instance of Tommy calling his clone "Tom" shortly after the Wizard of Deception's spell is broken.


  • The three-part episode "The Return of the Green Ranger" marks the only time in MMPR where in all seven of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers exist at the same time, though they did not appear onscreen together.
  • Tom Oliver did not have a unique Morphing sequence to match the post-The Power Transfer cast's Morphing sequence, instead reusing Tommy's Green Ranger Morph from the first season.


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