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"I have returned from beyond, Master!"
―Tombstone Org's first lines.[src]

"Your puny little trap can't keep me down! Ha ha!"
―Tombstone Org after breaking from the Deer Zord's Antler Trap.[src]

"Spirits, don't leave me!"
―Tombstone Org after the Kongazord performed its suicidal dive attack and his final words before his destruction.[src]

Tombstone Org’s original form

Tombstone Org was (as his name applies) a tombstone-themed Org and the primary antagonist of the episode "Sing Song".


Late at a stormy night, Super Toxica and Super Jindrax dug up a tombstone that belongs to the presumably deceased Dr. Viktor Adler (who is actually still alive and is in disguised as "Master Org"). They brought the tombstone to Master Org, who infused it with the spirits of six defeated Orgs (consisting of Turbine Org, Camera Org, Freezer Org, Bus Org, Karaoke Org, and Samurai Org) with Dr. Viktor Adler's tombstone to form a new powerful Org called Tombstone Org.

He confronts all six Rangers along with Super Toxica and Super Jindrax in the forest. The Rangers morphed and did battle with the Org. The monster was too powerful and hard to defeat at first, but thanks to Cole's Lion Blaster, he was destroyed, so Super Toxica enlarged Tombstone Org and the Rangers summoned the Wildzords to form the Wild Force Megazord Predator Mode, but none of their ability's worked and Tombstone Org made a beatdown on it.

The Rangers then formed the Wild Force Megazord Predator Spear Mode, but even that wasn't powerful enough, so Tombstone Org made a beatdown on the Megazord with his sheer power until it got rescued by a new Zord called the Deer Zord. The Org launched a fireball at the Zord, but it didn't had any effect on him and only angered him instead, so he fired the Antler Trap at the Org, knocking him out temporarily. The Rangers were glad that the Zord has come, but the Deer Zord doesn't want to help because he was upset at Merrick and Princess Shayla for leaving him on Earth 3,000 years ago.

Later, the Org awoke and broke free of the trap before wreaking havoc on Turtle Cove. The Rangers formed the Kongazord Striker Mode to take on Tombstone Org and used the Bear Blaster, but the Org reflected it with ease. Then they used the Armadillo Zord, but the Org caught it and threw it back at the Kongazord.

Meanwhile Princess Shayla and Merrick made up to the Deer. Tombstone Org was about to make the final strike until the Kongazord fought back by firing yellow colored energy lasers from its shoulder cannons, and tying him up with the Anchor Chain before using its Mega Toss attack. While the Kongazord gets separated back into five Wildzords, the spirits of the six Orgs starts to leave Tombstone Org, but the Rangers still needs help from the Deer Wildzord. Luckily the Deer Wildzord has returned and he healed the the Red Lion, Yellow Eagle, Blue Shark, Black Bison and White Tiger Wildzords. After the White Ranger had been given the Deer Animal Crystal by Princess Shayla, the Rangers form the new Wild Force Megazord Clutcher Mode thanks to the Deer Wildzord. They then used the Wild Force Megazord Clutcher Mode's Capture Bubble to capture Tombstone Org and send him away for good. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Sing Song

Tombstone Org is among the Orgs seen in the Org Spirit World. He was later resurrected by Onikage, but was finally destroyed by Pegasus MegazordTvicon.png TV STORY-The Master's Herald


Tombstone Org was among one of the Master Org's monsters that took great pleasure in destroying the Power Rangers. He is headstrong, highly ruthless, and will stop at nothing to destroy the Rangers. He is also arrogant, thinking that no one can stop him, but is highly loyal to Master Org.

Powers and Abilities

Having the spirits of six Orgs, Tombstone Org (while not as strong as the Quadra Org and especially a tie between the Mut-Orgs and Locomotive Org) is indeed powerful, possessing far greater strength and abilities then any of the Wild Force Rangers' past foes fought beforehand.


  • Energy Blasts: Tombstone Org can fire energy blasts, but where he fires them is unknown.
  • Eye Fireballs: Tombstone Org can launch fireballs from his single eye.
  • Combat Empowerment: As stated by Master Org, the more Tombstone Org fights, the stronger he gets.


  • Strength: Tombstone Org is very strong, being able to overpower all six Wild Force Rangers with ease.
  • Durability: Tombstone Org's skin is very thick and can withstand many punishments. Even the Wolf Ranger's Lunar Cue Saber couldn't make a scratch on him.


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  • Org Staff: Tombstone Org carries a staff that aids him in combat. It is powerful enough to block the Wild Force Megazord's Giraffe Spear and the Kongazord's Bear Blaster and reflect the Armadillo Zord back at the Kongazord.
    • Energy Empowerment: Tombstone Org can charge up his staff with turquoise energy and swing at full force.
    • Multi Energy Slashes: Tombstone Org can charge up his staff with red and blue energy to release energy slashes of the same colors from it multiple times at the opponent.
    • Nature Burst: Tombstone Org can slam his staff to the ground to cause the earth to crack and fire pillars to appear.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Tombstone Org is the first monster to be fought by the Deer Wildzord, as well as the Wild Force Megazord Clutcher Mode.
  • Tombstone Org is the first and only monster in Power Rangers Wild Force that doesn't explode when defeated, he gets capture in a bubble and gets cast away in the far sky.
  • Tombstone Org is one of the few Orgs to have movable eyes.


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