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"My name is Tombstone Org."
―Tombstone Org's first words
"How could I be destroyed by something like that?!"
―Tombstone Org's final words before his death

As a result of Highness Duke Org Ura infusing the tombstone he made for the Gaorangers with the Thousand-Year Evil, Tombstone Org possessed a harden body. Though easily defeated by GaoMane Buster, TsueTsue revives Tombstone Org, who manages to damage GaoKing Another Arm-Spear. But GaoDeers arrive and entraps Tombstone Org with its effect. But the Org breaks lose and it overpowers GaoMuscle Striker until he is fatally wounded in battle, with the Thousand-Year Evil manifesting. But once GaoDeers arrives to heal the Power Animals, GaoKing Cross Horn traps Tombstone Org with Bubble Capture as he dies, keeping the evil that created him trapped inside.



  • Tombstone Org were designed by character designer Keiichi Sato.

    concept art

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