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"Vaporized? You do have a reputation, you know."

"You can't get rid of me that easily."
―Tomars's final words before being turned off.[src]


General Tomars is an alien forced by Morgana to destroy the Power Rangers. He was an expert in computers and dimensions and possessed the ability to transform any object with his notebook and bracelet into a number of signals and by sending them through the Earth satellites, reconstruct them in the another place. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode Boom.

Character History

Tomars is an alien criminal. He possesses a laptop computer which controls an interdimensional hyperspeed locator, a teleporter that allows him to send anyone to any part of the world. When Mora was turned into Morgana, she wanted to destroy the Rangers and requested Piggy to help her. Piggy presented her Tomars, an alien who was a specialist in dimensions and computers. He could teleport any things through the Earth satellites into any part of the world. Morgana threatened to vaporize him, but Tomars calmly agreed to help, since he already heard about her. Tomars could teleport himself through the communication lines.

He first demonstrates its usage by proving to Morgana it works by sending Piggy to sheep farm. However due to him using the device, it attracted the attention of both Jack and Sky who later confront Tomars only to be teleported away. Tomars confronted Jack and Sky on the transshipment point, when they arrived to see the strange signal. Tomars underestimated his opponents and transported them to the skyscraper in the city. He was effectively fighting the rangers. Then he transported them to the truck in the city and was effectively fighting them again. Then he transported them back to the transshipment point, but Boom used the special device and connected the line and teleported the rangers back.

When Tomars tries to follow them through the computer system, he is deleted by Boom. It is not known with certainty if he survived or not although the word "Deleted" appears on the computer screen. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Boom (episode) Tomars is later cloned by Slate and Morgana but is destroyed by the S.P.D. Battlizer. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Reflection


Tomars is an intelligent, cunning, manipulative and calculating alien criminal. He was highly skilled and intelligent and was an expert in computers and dimensions. He was highly intelligent and cunning in plan to destroy the rangers by teleportating them. He was also arrogant and confident, underestimating the rangers which led to his defeat. He was also highly brave and calm, even when meet Morgana, when she threatened to vaporize him, he remained calm and showed no fear when meeting her.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Tomars can teleport any people and things through the tv signals into any part of the world.


  • Intelligence: Tomars possesses brilliant intelligence and is extremely skilled in computers and teleportation.


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  • Notebook: Tomars uses his notebook for teleportatiion.
  • Bracelet: Tomars also uses a special bracelet for teleportation.
  • Staff: Tomars uses a staff in battle.
    • Energy Blasts: He also can fire energy.



  • Kidnapping S.P.D. Rangers.

Behind the Scenes



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  • In Dekaranger, Tomars was killed by the counterparts to Jack’s Delta Blasters Combo Mode and Sky’s Deltamax Striker.
    • Additionally, Kervakia survived the explosion and transferred his date into a Conenose Robot but was killed by the Delta Squad Megazord’s counterpart when his robot was destroyed.
      • This was cut because it involved a lot of brutal slashes from the Conenose Robot and at one point the pincer arm “strangling” the Megazord.


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