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"You can't get rid of me that easily."
―Tomars's final words before being turned off.[src]
"Vaporized? You do have a reputation, you know."

General Tomars is an alien forced by Morgana to fight the Power Rangers so that she doesn't vaporize him. He possesses a laptop computer which controls an interdimensional hyperspeed locator, a teleporter that allows him to send anyone to any part of the world.

He first demonstrates its usage by proving to Morgana it works by sending Piggy to sheep farm. However due to him using the device, it attracted the attention of both Jack and Sky who later confront Tomars only to be teleported away.

When he tries to follow them through the computer system, he is deleted by Boom. It is not known with certainty if he survived or not although the word "Deleted" appears on the computer screen. Tomars is later cloned by Slate and Morgana but is destroyed by the S.P.D. Battlizer.


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