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Tokyo Dome City Attractions (東京ドームシティアトラクションズ) is an amusement park located next to the Tokyo Dome in Bunkyō, Tokyo, Japan, and forms a part of the Tokyo Dome City entertainment complex. It opened in 1958, and was formerly known as Kōrakuen (後楽園ゆうえんち) Stadium until April 2003.

Associations with Super Sentai


Kourakuen Stadium rises to deploy Gogglecaesar

Tokyo Dome City Attractions is a focal point used in Super Sentai: it has been the primary host of Sentai stage shows from Battle Fever J onwards and many episodes of Super Sentai tied to amusement parks have been filmed on location at this facility.

The park has a major role in two Sentai series, both of whom use it as a headquarters:

  • In Denshi Sentai Denziman, the team uses the area around the park as its civilian headquarters outside of Denzi Land, working and living officially at the Kourakuen Health Club where they hold classes for the people such as Akira's swimming club while Akagi holds his karate classes at Kourakuen Ballpark. A special express train set up by Denzi Dog IC allows for easy travel between the park and Denzi Land for official team matters.
  • In Dai Sentai Goggle V as the secret headquarters of the Future Science Foundation, which can be accessed through an underground chute in a British-style police box located within the park. Members of Goggle V work undercover both in the park and at the Kourakuen Ballpark; where Goggle Caesar is located beneath.

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