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Tokumei Gattai Go-Buster Oh (特命合体ゴーバスターオー Tokumei Gattai Gōbasutā-Ō, Spec-Ops Combination Go-Buster King) is the combined Super Machine System (超マシーン システム Chō Mashīn Shisutemu) MegaZord form of the Buddy Roids and the first three Buster Vehicles combined with the command "Combine Operation! Special Mission Combination!" (コンバインオペレーション!特命合体 Konbain Operēshon Tokumei Gattai). The heads of the Buddy Roids form the control panels for the MegaZord and other combined forms.


Go-Buster Oh is armed with the Boost Buster Sword (ブーストバスターソード Būsuto Basutā Sōdo), which has pieces of RH-03 on CB-01's sword. On it's left arm is RH-03's helicopter blades, which can create a (albeit very small) force field to protect itself from damage.

The finisher of Go-Buster Oh is the Dimension Crash (ディメンションクラッシュ Dimenshon Kurasshu), where the wheels and rear amplifiers of GT-02 emit a field that paralyzes the Vaglass MegaZord in its tracks, then slashes with the Enetron-powered Boost Buster Sword.

Later in the series, Vaglass were able to complete the new MegaZord, MegaZord Delta, which was capable of stopping the Dimension Crash. However, this is solved through a new finisher move, Explosion Kick (エクスプロージョンキック Ekusupurōjon Kikku), where it concentrates its Enetron onto one of its feet to perform a destructive kicking attack at the enemy.

Appearances: Go-Busters Episode 6-8, Super Hero Taisen, 10, 12, 14-15, 17, 19-20, 23, 26, 34, Go-Busters vs Gokaiger, 44, Go-Busters Returns, 49


Fighting alongside their 35 Super Sentai predecessors as well as the Kamen Riders against the combined Shocker-Zangyack Alliance, the Go-Busters trio deployed their Buster Machines to face the enlarged Warz Gill and Akudos Gill. Forming Go-Buster Oh to engage the two giant villains, the battle took an unexpected turn when Kamen Rider Diend combined the Gigant Horse and Crisis FortressIcon-crosswiki into the Big Machine which he comandeered, destroying Warz and Akudos before blasting back Go-Buster Oh to the point that Yellow Buster was forced out of the Giant Robo. Rescued by Kamen Rider FourzeIcon-crosswiki, Yellow Buster requested that he take her place to which he obliged, bringing with him a pair of Super AstroswitchesIcon-crosswiki provided by Kengo UtahoshiIcon-crosswiki. Installing enlarged Super-1 Rocket Modules on Go-Buster Oh's arms, Fourze successfully pushed back the Big Machine, taking the battle into space. Co-ordinating with Red Buster and Blue Buster to perform a swing-by using Saturn's gravity as a boost, Fourze installed the Super-3 Drill Modules on Go-Buster Oh's legs, allowing the Robo to perform the Sentai Rider Space KickIcon-crosswiki which destroyed the Big Machine. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen

Buster Machines

Go-Buster Ace/CB-01 Ace

Main article: CB-01

CB-01 Ace/Go-Buster Ace (CB-01エース/ゴーバスターエース Shī Bī Zero Wan Ēsu/Go-Basutā Ēsu) is the mecha of Red Buster. Go-Buster Ace forms the core of Go-Buster Oh. It has three modes: Buster Machine mode, Buster Animal mode, and MegaZord mode. Go-Buster Ace is capable of humanoid movement and flight. Using its (disposable) Buster Swords (バスター・ソード Basutā Sōdo), it can "shut down" Vaglass MegaZords. Later in the series, Ace can also perform the stronger Resolution Slash (レゾリューションスラッシュ Rezoryūshon Surasshu), which possesses enough power to bring down a MegaZord Epsilon on its own. It is the first MegaZord to appear on the side of the Go-Busters.

When piloted from base, it can be deployed via its own lift, either in MegaZord mode or in vehicle mode.

GT-02 Gorilla

Main article: GT-02

GT-02 Gorilla (GT-02ゴリラ Jī Tī Zero Tsū Gorira) is the mecha of Blue Buster. GT-02 forms the chest and feet of Go-Buster Oh. It has two modes: Buster Vehicle Mode and Buster Animal Mode. The Buster Vehicle goes into "interface" mode," with a facsimile of Banana's animal head taking over the grill forming a modified truck. It can act as a carrier for standard vehicles in the event of evacuations. Mounted on it are two large speaker-monitors as well as a helipad up top.

RH-03 Rabbit

Main article: RH-03

RH-03 Rabbit (RH-03ラビット Āru Eichi Zero Surī Rabitto) is the mecha of Yellow Buster. It forms the arms of Go-Buster Oh. It has two modes: Buster Vehicle Mode and Buster Animal Mode. Once piloted by Usada Lettuce and Yellow Buster it goes into "interface" mode, with a facsimile of Lettuce's animal head taking over the cockpit forming a modified helicopter. It has the ability to lift heavy objects as well as douse fires with powerful water-release capabilities.

Other Combinations

Rocket Go-Buster Oh

TSGB-Rocket GoBusterOh

Rocket Go-Buster Oh

Rocket Go-Buster Oh (ロケットゴーバスターオー Roketto Gōbasutā-Ō) is the fusion combination of Go-Buster Oh and the Rocket Switch Super-1Icon-crosswiki of Kamen Rider FourzeIcon-crosswiki, equipping the Sentai Robo with a pair of giant Rocket ModulesIcon-crosswiki. It makes its first appearance after Kamen Rider DiendIcon-crosswiki takes over Big MachineIcon-crosswiki in an attempt to get back at Captain Marvelous and Tsukasa Kadoya for their duplicity. When Yoko is knocked out of Go-Buster Oh, Fourze saves her and she asks for him to take her spot. One of Fourze's friends, Kengo, gives him the Super-1 and Super-3 switches to use in this fight, where the machines take the fight into space.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero TaisenIcon-crosswiki

Rocket Drill Go-Buster Oh


Rocket Drill Go-Buster Oh

Rocket Drill Go-Buster Oh (ロケットドリルゴーバスターオー Roketto Doriru Gōbasutā-Ō) is the fusion combination of Go-Buster Oh and the Rocket and Drill Super AstroswitchesIcon-crosswiki of Kamen Rider FourzeIcon-crosswiki, equipping the Sentai Robo with a pair of giant Drill ModulesIcon-crosswiki. It makes its first appearance in the battle with Big MachineIcon-crosswiki. Its finishing attack is Sentai Rider Space Kick (戦隊ライダー宇宙キック Sentai Raidā Uchū Kikku), a Rider Kick performed by Go-Buster Oh.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero TaisenIcon-crosswiki

Great Go-Buster

Main article: Buster Hercules

Great Go-Buster (グレートゴーバスター Gurēto Gōbasutā) is the Super Machine System combination of the Go-Buster Oh and the Buster Hercules Buster Vehicles. Aside from its impressive combat strength, this Buster Machine specializes in piercing and stabilizing Hyper Space breaches on Earth. In the alternative universe of the Dōbutsu Sentai Go-Busters, the Great Go-Buster is called the Go-Buster Ultimate Animal.

The Great Go-Buster's main weapon is called Buster Lance (バスターランス Basutā Ransu), which consists of the Boost Buster Sword, Go-Buster Oh's face mask, and Go-Buster Beet's arm. Its finisher is called Demolition Thrust (デモリションスラスト Demorishon Surasuto).

Appearances: Go-Busters Episodes 20, 22, 27, 29, 32, vs. Doubutsu Sentai Go-Busters, 44, 50


Video Game appearances

Go-Busters video game

Go-Buster Oh appears in the Nintendo DS Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters video game.

Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O

Go-BusterOh (Dice-O)

Go-Buster Oh as depicted in Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O.

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