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Gold Badge

Gold badge worn by members of S.P.D.'s Tokkyou division.

Tokkyou (特キョウ) is a branch of Special Police Dekaranger in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger that deals with especially heinous criminals. Members of Tokkyou receive special elite training to learn to fight such strong vilians effectively.


Members of Tokkyou wear a gold badge, as opposed to the silver badge worn by most members of S.P.D. They are often viewed by others as being "perfect officers" because of their efficiency. As such, they often refuse help on cases from non-members of Tokkyou.

Members of Tokkyou automatically outrank normal members of S.P.D., although they apparently do not outrank branch chiefs such as Doggie Kruger. Should a normal member of S.P.D. interfere in a case, members of Tokkyou have the power to remove such members.

Selection and training

Tokkyou Rangers

The two known Tokkyou Dekarangers, DekaBreak and DekaBright.

Though the gold badge of the Tokkyou is highly coveted, only the most elite members of S.P.D. are chosen to receive Tokkyou training. Members of Tokkyou receive intense training, including learning how to suppress their emotions. It is believed that fighting with emotions causes one to react slower in battle and, as such, train hard to learn not to express emotions during a fight. Such training often leads Tokkyou officers to ignore injured civilians or comrades in favor of going after a criminal.

Every potential member of Tokkyou is required to take both an operations test and a written test on practical knowledge. Both tests must be passed before an officer can become a member of Tokkyou. Such tests are sometimes overseen by the Head of the Space Police HQ, with an additional task being given at the end to prove the candidate is ready to become a member of Tokkyou.

Once accepted, the new members are taught the Seiken Accel Blow (正拳アクセルブロー Seiken Akuseru Burō, roughly "Proper Fist"), a style of Kempo that all Tokkyou officers use when battling very deadly Alienizers, which is used through better handling of the BraceThrottle. The Deletion Attacks of these attacks are called Seiken Accel Blow Secret Technique (正拳アクセルブロー奥義 Seiken Akuseru Burō Ōgi).


DekaBreak Tekkan Aira (transferred to Earth Branch)
DekaBright Lisa Teagle (Chief of Tokkyou)


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