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The Toki (惑星トキ Wakusei Toki, Planet Toki) is the planet home to the Tokei Kyutama. Intending to travel back 300 years to witness the supposed demise of Don Armage, the Kyurangers came to Toki and recovered the Kyutama after twisting all twelve keys within 30 minutes. Space.25: Planet Toki, the Boy's Determination!


  1. Lucky/Shishi Red: Lucky engaged the late Karo, Eriedrone, destroying him with the power of Taiyou Shishi Red.
  2. Stinger/Sasori Orange: Stinger engaged his late brother, Scorpio, destroying him with the Kyu Spear.
  3. Garu/Ookami Blue: Garu faced the feminine form he briefly became under the influence of the Otome Kyutama. Reminded of his humiliation, Garu transformed and immediately vanquished it
  4. Balance/Tenbin Gold: Balance was faced with an illusion of his best friend, Naga Ray. whom he shared a greeting with before turning the key unimpeded.
  5. Champ/Oushi Black: Champ faced his late and seemingly benevolent creator, Dr. Anton, who briefly immobilized and summoned two Tsuyoindavers to attack him. Saved by Sasori Orange, Champ regained his senses and turned the key, confused by his creator's behavior.
  6. Naga Ray/Hebitsukai Silver: Uniquely, Naga was met by no-one, leading him to believe it was because he had no heart.
  7. Hammie/Chameleon Green: Hammy engaged the late Daikaan, Goneshi, destroying him with the Hamillion Impact.
  8. Raptor 283/Washi Pink: Raptor met illusions of Lucky, Spada, Tsurugi and Shou, all proposing marriage. Though overwhelmed, Raptor ultimately rejected them all.
  9. Spada/Kajiki Yellow: Spada was faced by a succession of the four incarnations of Madakko he was familiar with; the first and second were destroyed by Kajiki Yellow, the third by Shishi Red, Ookami Blue and Chameleon Green, and the fourth by Shishi Red and Kajiki Yellow
  10. Shou Ronpo/Ryu Commander: Shou met his late mentor, Supreme Commander Big Bear, and found himself in his attire before he inherited the title of Supreme Commander from him. Shou conversed with Big Bear for a while until Balance hurried him, both to turn the key in time and because their visible comraderie disheartened Naga, who was not yet as attuned to such feelings.
  11. Kotaro Sakuma/Koguma Skyblue: Kotaro was met by his late mother, Akemi Sakuma. He was conflicted when he found that turning the key would make her disappear, and she was concerned for her son's well-being as a warrior fighting Jark Matter. However, upon seeing his teammates' plight against Tecchu, Kotaro ultimately turned the key, telling his mother that he would save the universe.
  12. Tsurugi Ohtori/Houou Soldier: Tsurugi was faced by his late friend, Quervo, whom he defeated as Houou Soldier.


  • The numbered keys were turned by the Kyurangers matching their general roll call order.


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