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"Wanna eat some tofu?"
―Tofu Hermit's first words when leaving the scene of an "accident" where he kicked a car into a tree.[src]

"I'm over my hangover!"
―Tofu Hermit when growing and his final words before his death.[src]

Tofu Hermit (豆腐仙人 Tōfu Sen'nin) is a bizarre Gorma Minion with immense skill.


A semi-harmless Gorma. Except, of course, that he sends out Cotpotros out as tofu vendors who sell tofu laced with strong sake intoxicating many civilians. He, like Kazu, is a master of drunken fist fighting technique. He led revelers through the streets and ruined businessmen. He and Kazu engaged in a drinking contest, which he would have won but for Kazu's friends making sure the clear drink was just water and not sake. In battle, he was shown to be able to breathe fire. He enlarged after he was knocked down and managed to steal the Great King Sword from Daireon'oh and used it against the mecha. However, they electrified him using it's Great Discharge attack and then destroyed him with the Raging Hurricane Waves attack.


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