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Todorugin (トドルギン Todorugin, 13) is the sea lion-theme Silver Imperial Army Monster of the Silver Imperial Army Zone

Character History

Todorugin is a Galactic Warrior brought in by Dongoros in order to freeze Earth as Meadow becomes more impatient towards the destruction of the planet. Using its frozen powers, it freezes an entire area, even frosting over FiveRed and FiveBlack in an initial battle before the music of Remi's substitute music class warms up the area and restores motion and heat. Realizing the weakness of music against the Galactic Warrior, Dongoros has the Galactic Warrior and Zaza destroy the instruments in Remi's class before retrying the scheme freezing all of Fiveman. Without instruments, Remi and her students improvise using various objects to continue singing and making music to overwhelm the power of the Galactic Warrior. After becoming FiveYellow, she uses her martial arts abilities and Melody Tact to strike down Todorugin before Fiveman finish it off with the Earth Cannon.

After Dongoros uses Gorlin #11 to create a giant version, it starts using its ice abilities to slow down FiveRobo dramatically. Directing all of their energy to the hand cannons, FiveRobo disables the Galactic Warrior long enough for Remi to finish it off with her finisher with the mecha.



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  • It can emit a deep breath that freezes anything and everything around it, from water to people's mentality to slowing down all motion. It can also fire icicles as projectile attacks.

Behind the Scenes


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