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"It was true. They really are the Power Rangers."

Toby Slambrook is the human owner of the Rock Porium where he employs the five core Mystic Rangers, unaware of their secret identities. Despite so, he unknowingly helps the Rangers in their battle against the Forces of Darkness without realizing it.


Toby once "cleansed his mind and soul" by going on a fast. He is known for his musical knowledge and references, as well as being a major fan of rock-n-roller "Jake Bonebreaker".

Toby was once mistaken for being the Gatekeeper, and once met and escorted Phineas to the dentist.

When the Rangers were less dependable to their jobs, he hired Leelee.Tvicon TV STORY-The Light

The Rangers told him their secret but Toby asked them to morph as proof, they explain that Hekatoid had stolen their powers, which he didn't believe, but during the conversation he once again helped the Rangers without realizing it. Ultimately he did happen to see them morph into Rangers after they regained their powers. Tvicon TV STORY-Light Source

During the final battle, Toby had convinced the people of Briarwood that the inhabitants of the nearby forest were not their enemies and that the two populations share an enemy who is the Master of the Underworld. The faith of the two populations in the Power Rangers help re-create the Rangers magic, enabling them to overwhelm and annihilate the Master forever. After the battle, Toby rehired Phineas to work in his shop. He is seen apparently going on a date with Leelee's mom, Nikki. Tvicon TV STORY-Mystic Fate

Later, Andrew Hartford, having heard reports of a magical dragon just outside Briarwood, came to Toby's store, and purchased one of Fire Heart's scales. That scale would be used to power the Overdrive Rangers Defender Vest. Tvicon TV STORY-At All Cost


While Toby does seem to have an unkempt appearance, he is a go-to person for advice which often results in his own brand of humorous results. He cares a lot for his employees, and defended Nick when the latter was accused of theft.

Although he may seem a bit slow, he is actually a good puzzle solver, though he sometimes gets a bit obsessive about and can be easily distracted engrossed by the mention of a riddle he has yet to figure out. He was the one who was able to solve the puzzle to the Fire Heart.


  • Supernatural Awareness: Toby is able to witness Necrolai's assaults on the citizens of Briarwood and seems to be the only one who can hear the Solar Train's engine when Daggeron transported the other Rangers.
  • Magical Contact: Toby somehow seems to have a lot of contact with the magician world outside of Briarwood.

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