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"Curse you! You murdered my beloved brethren!"
―Toad Nezire's first words after his eggs were destoryed[src]

Toad Nezire (ガマネジレ, Gama Nejire) is a toad themed Nezire.

Character History

A Nezire Beast that appears in Tochigi's Rindou Lake while the Megarangers were on a field trip as one of hundreds of eggs which Bibidebi was sent to mature with a red-liquid acceleration gun and deal with the Megarangers through a blue-liquid retrograde gun. However, after Bibidebi drops the acceleration gun into the lake during the fight after blasting Miku with it my mistake, it causes one of the eggs to quickly mature. Armed with the acceleration and retrograde guns, GamaNezire was about to mature his siblings when the Megarangers led by the enhanced Super Mega Pink arrive and destroy the eggs. After being spirited off by Shibolena, GamaNezire decides to use his acceleration gun to cause a volcanic eruption to call out the Megarangers and extract his revenge on them. Suffering side effects from her enhancement, Super Mega Pink eventually arrives to her team's aid and teams with Mega Yellow to defeat GamaNezire to return to normal. After being bitten by Bibidebi, GamaNezire is caught off guard by Galaxy Mega's Super Denji Snake before being destroyed by the Mega Flying Cutter


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