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Toad Monger (ガマモンガー Gama Mongā, 19) is a toad-theme Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma.

Character History

Toad Monger is sent out to abduct the work of a scientist developing a hydrogen engine through using only water to power motors; when it initially appears, it attacks VulShark before the other Sun Vulcan drive it away. Sneaking around while the Zero Girls abduct his son to be used to create a perfect Dark Q clone of him, the original boy throws him down forcing him into hiding. Reappearing once again, he tries to turn VulPanther into a toad before VulEagle strikes him with the Vulcan Stick; when Toad Monger does the same to Eagle and Shark, VulPanther comes to their aid as well. Defeated by the Vulcan Ball, then by Sun Vulcan Robo after being grown with his Expansion Program.


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He has multiple toad abilities including swimming, the usage of a sticky covering foam for attack and hiding from the mouth, the ability to transform into a toad, create toad "clones" used as toad bombs to attack opponents, a long tongue, and transmitting to toads. The foam can also be used to hypnotize enemies into becoming toads. He can also teleport and use a trident.

Behind the Scenes


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