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Not to be confused with Titanus, the first Carrier Zord used by the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.

The fearsome Titanisaur belonged to Captain Mutiny.


He was used as a means to transport Mutiny's Castle and Mutiny himself from place to place over long distances, as the beast could swim underwater and fly through space. In battle he can fire energy blasts from his mouth, use his tail as a weapon, and has jaws that can rip a Megazord's arm off.

However, Titanisaur doesn't do anything in the series until the episode "Raise The Titanisaur", where Captain Mutiny uses him to attack Terra Venture. The Orion Galaxy Megazord, Stratoforce Megazord and Centaurus Megazord attempt to fight Titanisaur, but he defeats them all easily. Before he can leave to attack the city however, he starts to overheat, so Captain Mutiny retreats back to the sea where the water cools Titanisaur down.

To avoid overheating him again, Mutiny sends Titanisaur out without his castle attached to it. The Rangers confront Titanisaur again when he's attacking the city, initially fighting him with the individual Galactabeasts, with little success until the monster is struck by the Lion Galactabeast's fire power. The Rangers then form the Megazords, which proved to be far more successful, with Titanisaur's tail being cut off by the Defender Torozord's axe and Stratoforce and Centaurus injuring Titanisaur with their combined attack, before the Galaxy Megazord finished him with its powered up saber.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Swimming: The Titanisaur can clearly swim since it is seen swimming through the sea at multiple points during its run.
    • Underwater Breathing: The fact that its head is almost always underwater when it is shown swimming also shows that it can breathe underwater.
  • Shock Wave: When it first arose to fight the Rangers, a visible shockwave travelled across the water which the Rangers dodged but proved to be powerful enough to knock down Barbarax and Deviot.
  • Flight: The Titanisaur can fly as if gliding through water which was shown when it escaped the first battle.
  • Space Survivability: The Titanisaur can also survive in the vacuum of space.


  • Strength: The Titanisaur is the physically strongest monster in Lost Galaxy, holding Captain Mutiny's castle with ease and ripping the Centaurus Megazord's arm off with one jerk of its head as well as only stumbling back when the Condor Galactabeast flew into him at full speed.
  • Durability: The Titanosaur was slashed by the Condor Galactabeast and shot with the Lion Galactabeast's Galactic Fire Power without getting a scratch. Even the Defender Axe Sphere Slash and the Stratoforce/Centaurus tornado attack only weakened it with little reaction.


  • Overheating: The Titanisaur can overheat from battling too much. So it has to cool off in the water every time it fights.


  • Claws: The Titanisaur has razor sharp claws that allows it to hack and slash its enemies.
  • Jaws: The Titanisaur has immensely powerful jaws that proved to be strong enough to stop the Orion Galaxy Megazord's finisher and rip off the Centaurus' arm as well as the Stratoforce's as well which happened in the final moments of its first battle.
    • Mouth Energy Blasts: The Titanisaur can fire blue energy blasts from its mouth strong enough to knock back the Orion Galaxy Megazord.
      • Lightning Breath: The Titanisaur's strongest attack where it flashes the spikes on its back with blue light and fires a massive stream of blue lightning from its mouth. It is a stronger version of the aforementioned mouth energy blast, taking all three Megazords present in its first battle down with one shot. A second blast ripped the individual Galactabeasts apart into their individual components and a shot during its later battle obliterated skyscrapers and buildings with just one shot being fired.
  • Horns: The Titanisaur has massive silver horns on its head that it can use to jab the Megazords with.
  • Tail: The Titanisaur has a long tail strong enough to take down the Centaurus and Stratoforce Megazords with two swings but was eventually hacked off by the Defender Torozord.

Behind the Scenes


  • Titanisaur has no known voice actor.


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  • Titanisaur's name is a portmanteau of Titanic and -Saur.


  • The Titanisaur has the most appearance out of any monster in Lost Galaxy at six although it only actually fights in one of them.
  • It shares its name with Titanosaurus from the Godzilla franchise.
  • The Titanisaur is the final monster of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and the final monster to be destroyed by the Orion Galaxy Megazord.
    • It is however not the final monster of the week since Nightmare appeared in the previous episode and this monster appears in 6 episodes and not one.


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