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"How about returning her to me?"
―Titanian Meteus's first words when confronting the Dekarangers to get Flora back.[src]

"I... am the Destroyer King Meteus-sama! To be defeated by you is not an honourable death. This is my 'Jisei No Kou.' As it has been judged, rather than being like the shape of dew...It is best to avoid this by cleaving oneself and scattering like blossoms."
―Meteus when confronted by the D-Bazooka and then producing a bomb and his final words before his supposed suicide.[src]

"Wait! I'm the Destroyer King! I'll finish myself!"
―Meteus reacting to DekaMaster's D-Sword Vega and threatening suicide by bomb blast as well as his final words before his deletion.[src]

Titanian Meteus (ティタン星人メテウス Titan Seijin Meteusu, 15 & 16):


An Alienizer who called himself the "Destroyer King". A brutal figure from Titan, he created a little android girl named Flora. She eventually escaped from him and managed to enter Deka Base and was found by the Dekarangers when they investigated. Meteus confronted them but was forced to retreat when he realized that he was both outnumbered and outgunned. His ultimate plan was to destroy Tokyo by using Flora to control a giant machine he created named Gigas.

With backing from Abrella, who wanted the Dekarangers destroyed, he used a Batsuroid to pilot the 1st version of Heavy Industrial Machine Cannon Gladiator and attack the DekaBase while he went to capture Flora to try to control Gigas. After a later battle against the Dekarangers, he was overpowered and confronted by the D-Bazooka but refused to die at their hands so commited suicide with a bomb.

However, it was soon revealed that Meteus had fooled the Dekarangers with a hologram and went after Flora again while the Dekarangers are fighting Gigas. However, Doggie came to Flora's rescue and Meteus is easily defeated by the Vega Sword. He tried to avoid deletion by feigning suicide with a bomb again but Kruger was not tricked and Meteus was deleted for good by the Vega Slash. Although he was finally gone, Gigas was able to get free and required DekaBase Robo to destroy.


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Behind the Scenes

  • His home planet is named after Titan.
  • His name is named after Prometheus.


  • Meteus were designed by character designer Hiroshi Matsui. Meteus also looks surprisingly like Fourze's Fire States.

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