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"I'll smash you all into smithereens!"
―Tire Org's first words being enlarged
"Outta my way! Who are you guys? You're in my way! One horn? You're Dukes? "
―Tire Org's first words

An Org Spirit acquiring a tire, Tire Org loves traveling and can turn into a giant tire. He was causing massive traffic damage until the Org Dukes gave him the offer to travel the world if he helps them, abducting Tetomu in the process. Though destroyed by GaoRed's GaoMane Buster, TsueTsue revives Tire Org, who is the first to be killed by GaoKing Sword & Shield. Tire Org is briefly revived in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, but was killed for good by Super Armor Shine GingaBlue's Rapids Stroke.



  • Tire Org (Gaoranger) were designed by character designer Yoshiro Harada.

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