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Tire Mask

Tire Mask.

Tire Mask (タイヤ仮面 Taiya Kamen) is the sixteenth of Black Cross Commander-in-Chief Golden Mask's Masked Monsters.

Character History

Tire Mask was part of a plot to abduct a scientist to assist in building a new Black Cross rocket that would be used to carry a nuclear payload for the destruction of the Van Allen belts. When the Gorengers try to protect the scientist by driving him to a safe area, Tire Mask tricks them by disguising as a flat tire on their vehicle; they remove him to replace but this allows him to attack and take the scientist from them for their assistance. Kaijo then heads forth on his own in order to save him, but an ambush by Tire Mask and the Zolders distract him before he reaches the scientist, only to be captured by the Black Cross.

Taking Akarenger's warning as he is loaded onto the rocket to be blown up with the nuclear weapon, the Gorengers puruse it with Varidreen launching Varikikyun up to save both their leader and the scientist while Shinmei destroys Tire Mask's underground base with Varitank. The Gorengers face down Tire Mask and the Zolder ninjas before destroying him with a Gorenger Hurricane transformed into a nail that flattens him. Ep. 70: Blue Counterattack!! Stop the Space Express


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Modus and Arsenal

Tire Mask has the ability to transform himself into a tire; he typically becomes a huge thick tire similar to his head which he uses to roll for both traveling or smashing into an enemy. He also can disguise himself as a tire of a vehicle for undercover work and mentally control normal tires.



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Behind the Scenes

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