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The HyperForce Dimension is the universe in which most of Power Rangers HyperForce takes place. This dimension is identical to the main Power Rangers Dimension but with the events of HyperForce taking place.


Note: Due to the time travel nature of HyperForce the timeline is not in chronological order, but in relation to the timeline HyperForce experienced.


  • Joe Shih is recruited into Time Force as the Silver Time Force Ranger, but is sent on a covert mission. Joe's commander never contacts him again. Marvin Shih and his family are told Joe is missing in action.


  • The Alliance attacks Time Force Academy to steal a Time Ship.
  • Marv, Eddie, Vesper, Chloe, and Jack are given the Hyperforce Ship and Hyperforce Morphers by Jen Scotts in order to stop the Alliance.


  • During Halloween, the Alliance Leader Velcanos recruits Scorpina.
  • Zordon assists the Hyperforce Rangers by having Aisha Campbell assist them.
  • Finster hides from Lord Zedd in Rome. Only for Velcanos to steal his Magic Clay to make Putties and Monsters.
  • While making repairs on their ship, the Hyperforce Rangers take out a Dog Samurai Monster created by Lord Zedd.
  • In the Time Stream, Velcanos damages the Hyperforce ship causing it to crash.

R.P.M. Dimension

  • The Hyperforce Ship crashes a two days journey from Corinth. They are found by a group of survivors led by M, an Alphabet Soup member.
  • While trying to rescue the survivors from Kilobyte, Vesper becomes infected with the Venjix virus revealing she is a robot. Vesper captures the rest of her team.
  • In prison; Marv, Jack, Chloe, and Eddie meet Gem who helps them escape.
  • The Hyperforce Rangers and Gem enter Vesper's mind and destroy the Venjix Virus controlling her.
  • The Rangers destroy Buzzkill, an Attack Bot sent to kill them and rescue the survivors.
  • Gem meets up with M and the Hyperforce Rangers return to their own dimension.
  • Marv reveals to Vesper that he is actually an Alien Human from another planet


  • Marv, Vesper, Chloe, and Eddie are recruited by Santa to stop Krampus.
  • Marv accidently tells everyone he is an alien human from planet Kaien.


  • Jack tries to track where Marv, Vesper, Chloe, and Eddie went. Collecting tons of intel on their lives.
  • Jack meets up with Dr. Tommy Oliver.
  • Marv, Vesper, Chloe, and Eddie return from their mission for Santa.
  • The Hyperforce Rangers assist Dr. Tommy Oliver in finding his friend Dr. Anton Mercer.
  • Velcanos tries to recruit Mesegog, but is unsuccessful. But does manage to steal his Invisiportal technology.
  • The Perfume Pony causes a distraction by spreading a rage perfume. The Hyperforce Rangers and Dr. Oliver manage to defeat it.
  • The Rangers find Dr. Mercer flipping between his human and Mesegog form. Mesegog reveals the Alliance's plan to save Zordon. Dr. Oliver stays behind.
  • The Hyperforce find Scorpina and take her to their ship.
  • Scorpina escapes onboard the Hyperforce ship mid time stream.
  • The Hyperforce Rangers encounter people from their past on board the ship; Eddie his arranged marriage fiance Bianca, Vesper a smooth version of Eddie, Marv his brother Joe, Chloe her mother, and Jack his robot dog.
  • The Rangers discover that Scorpina was actually Primator, a shapechanging monster, who used Jack's research to pretend to be people from the Ranger's past. Primator causes the Hyperforce Ship to crash.

12th Century

  • The Rangers are defeated by Primator. Marv is captured by Primator and taken to the Alliance Ship via Invisiportal.
  • Eddie, Chloe, Vesper, and Jack encounter the Knights of the Roundtable. One of which is Eddie's ancestor.
  • Lady Guinevere allows her blacksmiths to assist in repairing the Hyperforce ship. In exchange the Hyperforce Rangers agree to help her defeat the Dragon terrorizing the countryside.
  • Lady Guinevere and the Hyperforce Rangers defeat Werewolves, Harpies, and Mermaids.
  • The Dragon is defeated by the Hyperforce Rangers and Guinevere, revealing that he was in fact King Arthur cursed by Morgan LeFay.
  • Lady Guinevere gives Chloe a Pink Battleizer.

Unknown - Time Stream

  • Marv is tortured by Primator and Velcanos for three days.
  • Chloe contacts Jen Scotts asking for answers about Joe's Time Force mission.
  • Joe Shih rescues Marv from Velcanos.
  • Primator attacks the Hyperforce Ship, but is defeated.
  • Marv sabotages the Alliance Ship.
  • Joe leaves Marv with the Hyperforce Rangers telling them not to look for him.
  • Not sure if Joe was real Marv runs simulations where he destroys a Primator in the shape of Joe.


  • The Rangers track a disturbance in Briarwood, in order to be proactive they arrive a day before the disturbance.
  • The Ranges rescue people from a burning building.
  • The distrubance is revealed to be Rita Repulsa as the Mystic Mother. She offers the Rangers insight into confront their insecurities and gives them access to a combination weapon.
  • The Rangers are given a mission by Jen Scotts to recover Joe Shih and declassifies his mission.


  • Joe Shih steals a proton accelerator for the mutant Napoleon Wrench. 
  • The Hyperforce Rangers meet Detective Song and pretend to be SPD officers from planet Kaien. 
  • The Rangers with Detective Song track Joe's morpher, but find Captain Pegs and his parrot instead. They destory him.
  • The Rangers track Joe to a mutant hideout. Joe assumed the identity of Maxwell to get close to Napoleon and sabotage the Napoleon's Absorption Plan.
  • Eddie is mistaken for another one of his ancestors.
  • When the Hyperforce Rangers' cover is blown Joe tries to sabotage the proton accelerator. In the chaos Joe is caught by Napoleon and the Hyperforce Rangers are recalled by SPD.
  • Chief Anubis "Doggie" Cruger and Detective Song arrest the Hyperforce Rangers for impersonating SPD Officers.
  • Eddie reveals that the Hyperforce is a division of the Time Force to Cruger.
  • Napoleon manages to use the proton accelerator to compelete the Absorption, using it to summon the damaged Alliance Ship.
  • Velcanos uses the Absorption to absorb the energy of the mutant teenages that Napoleon recruited.
  • Velcanos steals Joe's morpher and escapes into the time stream. The Hyperforce Rangers track Joe's morpher in order to follow the Alliance Ship.


Notable differences between the HyperForce Dimension and the Power Rangers Dimension include:

There also exists a HyperForce-RPM Dimension which is identical to the RPM Dimension but with the events of We Need Megazord Power!, Vesper's Betrayal, and It's Boom Time taking place.

Notable differences between the HyperForce Dimension and the RPM Dimension include:


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