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The Time Shadow (タイムシャドウ Taimu Shadō) was created in the G-Throttle Sensor System around 2980, sent to the 21st Century by the Inter-City Police Department to counter the temporal disruptions caused by Gien. It was last seen being taken down by the G-Zord and what became of the Time Shadow afterwards is unknown.

Appearances: Timeranger Episodes 19-24, 26-27, 31-36, 38-41, 43-44, Timeranger vs. GoGoFive


After Terrorist Sandoora severely damaged Time Robo Alpha, the Time Shadow appears to aid the Timerangers in the battle against Nova which is swiftly overwhelmed and destroyed. Its presence is often heralded with a solar eclipse, though instead of the moon being the source of the eclipse, it is a time portal opening.

The current status of the mecha is unknown but it likely remains intact within the hangars of Timeranger to be used against other potential threats posed to the future.

Time Shadow Battle Mode

The Time Shadow can transform from Stealth Mode to Battle Mode (the undercarriage becomes the legs, the nose becomes the chest as it slides open briefly so that the head may flip out, revealing the head, and part of each wing becomes an arm (with the guns as hands)) which is armed with Lightning Shoot (ライトニングシュート Raitoningu Shūto) and two Shadow Sabers (シャドウセイバー Shadō Seibā) that can combine into the two-sided Double Shadow (ダブルシャドウ Daburu Shadō) blade to perform its finisher, the Blue Moon Slash (ブルームーンスラッシュ Burū Mūn Surasshu).

Appearances: Timeranger Episodes


TimeRobo Shadow

TimeRobo Shadow (タイムロボ・シャドウ TaimuRobo Shadō) is the combination of TimeRobo and Time Shadow. This combination is formed with a call of "Delta Formation". Its weapon is the Pro Divider (プロディバイダー Puro Dibaidā) that enables it to recapture Londerz Prisoners. Time Shadow converts its body into an armor-like configuration that surrounds TimeRobo, forming foot armor and chest armor with most of the body attaching onto TimeRobo's back and a visor materializing over the eyes. Like TimeRobo, TimeRobo Shadow is formed as two entirely different configurations - this means the Pro Divider transforms into a weapon form that matches the specialty of the mode which TimeRobo Shadow is formed as (Its suit actor, in all of the forms listed below, was Hideaki Kusaka):

TimeRobo Shadow Beta

"Delta Formation! TimeRobo Shadow Beta!"
―Formation announcement[src]

When TimeRobo is formed as TimeRobo Beta, TimeRobo Shadow is formed as TimeRobo Shadow Beta (タイムロボ・シャドウβ(ベータ) TaimuRobo Shadō Bēta) with the Pro Divider transforming into a gun configuration for TimeRobo Shadow Beta's Pressure Cannon (プレッシャーカノン Puresshā Kanon) finisher where it flies into the air and launches the numbers of a clock around the mutant. The numbers surround the Londernz Prisoner in a circle as they formed a clock. TimeRobo Shadow Beta then fires the Pro Divider right at the helpless Prisoner, who freezes briefly before imploding and being shrunken down again.
Appearances: Timeranger Episodes 20, 23, 26, 31, 34, 38, 40-41, 43-44

TimeRobo Shadow Alpha

"Delta Formation! TimeRobo Shadow Alpha!"
―Formation announcement[src]

When TimeRobo is formed as TimeRobo Alpha, TimeRobo Shadow is formed as TimeRobo Shadow Alpha (タイムロボ・シャドウα(アルファ) TaimuRobo Shadō Arufa) with the Pro Divider becoming a sword configuration for for TimeRobo Shadow Alpha's Blizzard Slash (ブリザードスラッシュ Burizādo Surasshu) finisher which involves creating a holographic clock as it circles its saber once, and then slashing down on the Londernz Prisoner directly from the center of the clock. The Prisoner freezes briefly, then explodes, implodes, and finally shrinks into containment, This is usually proceeded by firing the Virtual Net (バーチャルネット Bācharu Netto) from it's shoulder cannons. As TimeRobo Shadow Alpha, TimeRobo Shadow is formed as this time now having the arms of Time Shadow's Battle Mode fold over TimeRobo Alpha's shoulders to form special laser net launchers that restrain the targeted Londerz Prisoner.

Appearances: Timeranger Episodes 21-22, 24, 27, 32-33, 36, 39, Timeranger vs. GoGoFive

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  • Time Shadow never combined with Providus in the show. However, the toys could be combined this way.

Time Shadow combined with Providus


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